Fishing: Relaxing Or Stressful, But Always Good Fun.

Fishing can sometimes be a controversial hobby to take up within families. Some family members (usually the dad) want to take the rest of the family fishing for some “family bonding” or for the “adventure” whereas other family members (mum) turn their noses up at the thought. “It’s going to be boring” or “it’s going to be cold and wet”.

Well, this article looks at and considers both viewpoints. But, by the end of it, you’ll know whether or not fishing is for you.

Firstly we’ll take a look at the positive aspects of fishing. It is relaxing, especially when your line is cast and you’re waiting for a bite. Fishing takes relaxation to a whole new level, especially seeing as the tranquility and serenity of your surroundings is usually unparalleled. What could be more relaxing than sitting by a sparkling blue lake, surrounded by fields and forests? Sometimes people get so relaxed when fishing that they actually fall asleep next to the lake or river where they are located, having to rely on a bite alarm or bite indicator to wake them up as they get a bite.

Another positive point is the excitement. The yell of “I’ve got a bite” followed by the thrill of having to reel in your catch, which can also be challenging, and then finding out how much the fish you have caught weighs before putting your catch back where it belongs. It’s enough to get anybody’s heart racing, whether you’re a natural fisherman or not. For the younger fishers, the children among us, being able to see a large fish up close is a massive thrill and enough to influence whether or not they will take their future children for the same experience.

Now we’ll take a look at a couple of negative points. However, I will attempt to show how even these negative points can be turned positive. The first is that it’s “boring”. My argument for this is that anything can be boring if you don’t enjoy it to begin with. If you judge fishing before you’ve even tried it then it’s not been given the chance it deserves. Then again, it might just not be a hobby for you. We all have our own personalities and maybe yours just doesn’t match that of natural fisherman. It doesn’t mean others can’t enjoy fishing though.

Another point that is brought up when fishing is that it’s messy. Spending all your time next to a river or lake is bound to be messy. Is football not messy after rain? Is rugby not messy after rain too? They’re outdoor sports and hobbies; of course a little mud is going to be involved. Like the point before, it might not be a hobby you’d enjoy. If you don’t like mud, don’t take up messy hobbies. Then again, putting muddy clothes isn’t exactly a chore is it? What if you love the thrill of fishing but don’t like the mud? Well just deal with it! It’s part and parcel of such an exciting hobby.



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