When and Why Should You Have Fire Doors On Your Home?

When and Why Should You Have Fire Doors On Your Home?When you think fire doors you usually think that they only appear in shops, restaurants, schools and offices; however since standard building regulations changed in 2007 all new build properties have to be built to the following requirements:

  • All doors belonging to habitual rooms i.e. kitchen, living room, bedrooms etc in 3 storey properties have to have fire doors, although these don’t have to be self closing.The only exceptions to this rule are bathrooms and cupboards, however if your cupboard contains electrical or gas services it may be wise to install a fire door.
  • 2 storey properties usually only need a fire door if the house is connected to the garage (due to the high level of flammable items in your garage) or if you have added a loft conversion to the property (a fire door at the bottom will give you an escape route out of the property).

Generally you have to keep to these rooms; however you are free to add fire doors to anywhere in your home that will make escaping from your house easier in the event of a fire.

Can you install them yourself?

Technically you can as long as you replace the door linings so a smoke seal can be fitted or you make sure the door is grooved around the 2 sides and top to allow the smoke seal to be fitted onto your door.

However the easier and safest way to make sure your home is safe from a fire is to get an expert to install it for you. This might add to the cost (fire doors usually cost the same as regular exterior doors £100-£129), but it will be worth having the expert advice (fittings usually cost £50-£100 depending on how many doors you are having installed and the extras you have asked for).

What should I look for in a fire door?

The type of fire door you pick will depend on the amount of fire and smoke resistance you want. Take the following fire doors: FD30, FD60 and FD120 doors can resist fires for up to 30, 60 and 120 minutes each.

Should you choose the FD30 this will offer you affordable protection from fires although it is recommended that you combine this with a fire system. FD120 doors on the other hand are much heavier, are more expensive and are best suited for protecting high flammable areas.

Which is best?

This decision is up to you, although it is recommended you speak to an expert on fire doors first who can advice you on which ones to install where in your home. With their professional advice you can make sure that you, your family and your home remain protected.

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