Finding Job in College: Tips for Successful Search

In today’s world finding a job that would suit in your skills and personal preferences is a hard task, which is pretty difficult to accomplish without certain guidance. If talking about students, it is equally frustrating to find a job after you graduate, and for summer between the studying semesters.

Both types of jobs for students can be found at Jobtonic service – simple interface and great number of fresh vacancies will help you define what if offered to young people, and if you want to find some exact job offers, you can use filters to specify the search. And here are some other tips to ease your search.

Finding Job in College Tips for Successful Search

College Career Center

Every college and university has career placement centers that provide you with professional help in job search, and if you have never heard of those, it is a high time that you visit one. Centers are used by employers when they are interested in hiring students. And the main mistake student make is discovering centers a week before the graduation.

Stop by and introduce yourself as a freshman – at this point you may not really be looking for a job, but then you can use career assessment to find out what you may enjoy. Having contacts with HR of different companies, career center always have the latest information about the hottest vacancies, so it is better if they know about your existence.

When a senior, come to center more often to be at the first row for new hot vacancies. Be active and make sure you are known – this will help you landing on a job right after graduation.

Start Early

It is not said you have to look for a job once you’ve entered the university or college. But after you’ve defined what type of job you desire, it is a good thing to start planning a job search.

If you’ve followed the previous point and went through career assessment, you should have some manageable number of desired jobs. Thus, start looking through the list of companies offering such positions, and see if you share their views and ideas.

Internships Matter

If you know what company or career you are going to target, consider an internship in the sphere – it will help you land a job after graduation. First of all, internship in a company will allow you to figure out if you like the company, plus you will be introduced to the company managers in case you consider applying after graduation. It is also a good thing for the company, as they can evaluate student’s skills and behaviors during certain period of time and see of they can trust him in future.

Make Use of Resume

Resume if often considered by grads as weak point, as they don’t have experience in the fields they are targeting. There is some truth in it, but still, there are couple things you can do to make your resume look better.

First, internship. As it was mentioned, it adds a lot to your experience and to the way you are perceived by the employer. It is known that people who spent some time in working environment are appreciated.

Second, resume format. Not to make your resume too thin, opt for functional resume – it focuses more on your knowledge and skills, not experience.

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