Find The Best Bra For Your Body Type.

With so many bra styles out there to choose from, many women end up wearing bras that don’t work well with their figures and body types. Depending upon your bust size and the rest of your body, certain bra styles will work better on you than others, providing you with a slimmer, sexier look.

The first step is making sure you’re properly measured so you get the right bra size. The next step is knowing what to look for, based on your body type, when you go shopping. This will save you time and frustration, and you will end up looking better in every outfit you own as a result. Below are two body types and the bra styles that work best with each.

Find The Best Bra For Your Body Type.For Women with Larger Breasts

Women who have fuller busts need to look for bras that provide ample amounts of proper support so that they don’t end up suffering from backache and shoulder strains. You may need to spend a bit more money on bras that provide this extra support and are durable enough to last long enough that you aren’t constantly running out to purchase a new bra all the time, but it’ll definitely be worth it.

Use a balconette bra, also known as a balcony bra, which is great for all women regardless of size, to lift and separate the breasts under shirts with V-necks, scoop necks, round necks, etc., as well as dresses with these cuts. Your cleavage will look great and you will feel extremely confident.

Women with larger breasts also do well with strapless bras, especially since there are many more options today than ever before for those women searching for bras to use with these types of outfits. Backless dresses can now also be worn with confidence, thanks to bras that are made in sizes C and up which have adhesive cups or transparent straps.

But when it comes to everyday outfits for women with large breasts, the best option is a full coverage bra with wide straps. The straps will provide enough support to remain comfortable all day long, and the full coverage cups will create an alluring silhouette under any outfit.

For Women with Smaller Breasts

Women who have smaller breasts have a huge variety of bras to choose from that will enhance their bust and create sexy cleavage no matter what outfits they decide to wear. Many bras, such as those from Victoria’s Secret and Wonderbra, are padded in innovative ways to lift small breasts and make them look fuller and larger than they actually are.

Choose a plunging bra for v-neck and other low-cut necklines on tops and dresses. Or go with the versatile balconette style bra that works for women of all shapes and sizes.

Bras that are well suited to women with smaller breasts are also made with silicone or air-filled cups, providing an even smoother, more natural silhouette beneath all outfits. And there are also silicone cups that can be added inside a bra to give extra lift to the breasts than what the bra already provides.



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