How to Feel More Beautiful

While it is certainly not a good thing to be obsessive about our appearance, there is nothing wrong with wanting to feel comfortable in our skin, and attractive. It can change the way we move through the world; the increased confidence can bring us great success in life. In today’s world where we are bombarded with unrealistic images of beauty, and ads for countless products and procedures that serve to remind us the zillion things that are ‘bad’ about our bodies and need to be fixed, this can be a difficult feat—but not an impossible one. Here are just a few tips to help you feel more beautiful as you are.

Learn to Appreciate Your Body More

Our bodies are pretty amazing when we think about it, but we usually don’t. We are just so used to them doing what they do, we don’t give it a second thought. Most of our energy is spent dissecting the many things we don’t like, and what we want to change.

By tuning in more to the amazing specimens we are, our attitude towards our body can shift. The ‘flaws’ won’t bother us as much; we won’t pay them as much attention. We will become more accepting of our body as it is.

You will feel more motivated to be healthier, and take good care of your body, and your appearance improving will be a natural side effect of those efforts.

So, start really thinking about all the amazing things you can do with your body; take note of all the things you love to do that would not be possible without your two healthy legs or arm, like holding your child or taking your beloved walks on the beach.

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Spruce Up Your Appearance

Again, no need to obsess over how you look, but if you are feeling a bit lackluster in the beauty department, start making your appearance a priority. Go out and buy a few nice outfits; head over to the salon and get a haircut or try out a new color. Get some accessories to jazz up your look–these Fiorelli collections are a great choice if you love jewelery with an elegant look, but aren’t looking to spend a fortune. Take that extra five minutes in the morning to put on a bit of makeup. With our busy lives, it is easy to let our appearance take a backseat, which is only a problem when we don’t feel good about it, and we usually don’t. When we look good, we feel good, so it is a pursuit worthy of our time.

Give Up What Makes You Feel Badly

Of course, we know that photos are heavily airbrushed, celebrities get all decked out with professionally done hair and makeup before big events, and no one really looks like they do in advertisements. But, how we feel when we see all of this is very different. This gets deep into our heads, and there is a part of us that actively compares ourselves to these fantasy images. It has done quite a number on us. One of the best things you can do to feel better about your own appearance is stop ingesting all the ‘stuff’ that makes you feel badly. Cut back on the women’s magazines, the gossip shows, the visits to the fashion sites and anything else that lights that spark of comparison.

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