Facts About Electronic Cigarettes That Might Interest You.

The idea of smoking where there is no tobacco, no combustion, no open flame, and still let you have the same or even more satisfaction seems to be something directly out of a science fiction movie. Well, nowadays, it is a reality.

Technology has allowed it to be possible and with this, you can enjoy your smoke anywhere even areas where smoking was traditionally banned due to health and security reasons. Electronic cigarettes have revolutionized the sector in a very interesting way.

Below are some facts about them that you may find quite interesting:

The composition

There are two kinds; the disposable and renewable ones. The disposable ones are usually for starters who would like to have a go at the product to decide whether they would prefer it. The renewable one is an assembly of three main parts – the cartridge, the battery and the sensor. The whole ensemble is characterized by the same traditional shape and color of a cigarette stick.

The cartridge holds the liquid compound containing nicotine and the battery provides the power to turn the liquid into vapor once you start smoking. It is a self-sustaining product in that there is no off switch but is activated when you start smoking and stops when you stop. This is the key role of the sensor.

Facts About Electronic Cigarettes That Might Interest You.

They come in various types, which can be categorized in terms of nicotine content and flavor. Unlike the traditional ones, you can be able to enjoy different flavors, which include the all-favorite menthol, cherry, chocolate and even vanilla. The batteries are rechargeable and portray long life. When you purchase the e cig, it comes fully equipped with the accessories to allow you to do the maintenance and charging at your own time.

For first time users, the pack comes disassembled, with all the accessories and an owner’s manual that gives insight into the product and the process of assembling it. The user manual also offers the dos and don’ts of the e cig, which you should follow to the letter.

What to expect

There is a lot to expect from the e cig and they surely deliver. First and foremost in terms of safety and health concerns, it delivers with flying colors. Due to the fact that they do not use an open flame and no combustion occurs, makes them very environment friendly. The contents there in are only converted to a vapor that leaves no aftertaste and or any odor afterwards.

The cartridges are interchangeable meaning that you can have a variety of flavors. They are sold in packs of a minimum of 15 cartridges meaning that you can even enjoy it on the road as you travel. Given they are smokeless; you get to enjoy your smoke wherever without affecting other people and or causing health hazards.

You will also expect to gain confidence in the e cig since it not only satisfies your smoking urge but costs lesser than the traditional smokes and have the hygiene aspect as an added advantage. Although they look like and taste like the real tobacco cigarettes, the technology used ensures that the vices associated with the former are taken care off. They also add a glowing orange tip, which lights up when you are smoking which plays a psychological as well as an appearance card.

Facts About Electronic Cigarettes That Might Interest You.

The mechanism behind the technology

The battery heats up the nicotine and turns it into vapor, which you then inhale. The orange tip works as an indicator also to show the battery level where a bright glow means the battery power is still sufficient whereas a dim glow means it is time to recharge it. Another thing is that when the battery is high, the smoke produced is more than when it is low which when the battery is high and the smoke is still low means that the cartridge content is diminishing.

Ensure that you change the cartridge as directed and tightly fasten in for better results. The batteries have a customized charger with which you can use to charge them regularly. A single battery can last up to 400 puffs, which are equivalent to a single packet of the traditional cigarettes minus the smoke and odor.





Jay is a professional blogger who has conducted extensive research on the effects of cigarettes on an individual’s health. He advises people to use the smokeless cigarettes, which they can enjoy even when they are indoors.

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  1. Since the passage of the smoking ban there’s been no alternative
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