Explananing The Hair Loss Problem.

Hair loss is a natural procedure that happens to almost anyone in one way or another. In its extreme forms, hair loss can cause baldness in men or women. While there might seem like there are various hair loss problem explanations, some cases in hair loss are brought about when hair has been subjected to a lot of rough usage.

If you’re curious about your hair loss problems the following explanations might apply to your scenario:

A Poor Diet

You are what you eat and eating healthy actually reflects well in your appearance. Your skin will look healthier, your nails will be shinier and your hair will be glossier and thicker. Hair needs protein and low protein diets alone can cause hair loss. While slight in some cases, protein deficiency can result in slight hair loss; if the protein deficiency also causes some other imbalance, it could lead to hair loss problems. Other kinds of deficiencies or hormonal imbalances can also contribute towards hair loss. In such cases, once the imbalance is corrected, hair starts growing in a normal pattern once more.


This hair loss problem’s explanation is pre simplified. Some people often get it in their genes. Whether it starts early in their mid 20’s or later in life in their late 40’s, male pattern baldness is something which can be passed down or inherited from parents. However, such hereditary baldness doesn’t have a set time frame and it is possible for male pattern baldness to kick-start at any given time, even during the early teens. Similarly, women can also have the baldness gene and suffer from baldness if they have this unfortunate trait in their genes.

Explananing The Hair Loss Problem.

A lot of things have been said through the years regarding hair loss and what you should do from preventing it happening, some of them are myths. You can check this article here “10 common hair myths” and see yourself.

Old Age

Sometimes, hair fall is just meant to happen once you start aging. As part of a natural process, hair fall can lead to hair loss since aging greatly slows down growth. As hair matures, the hair shaft thins and becomes weaker. If hair is styled extensively during these situations, the mature hair is more likely to break and re-grow at a slower rate. Usually, this type of hair loss happens around the late 40s and 50s in a person’s life. However, stronger hair may grow thinner at a slower rate and it is possible to experience hair loss later as well.

Styling Abuse

Many people love to style their hair. Whether they’re scrunching it up into a loose ponytail or playing around with a new hairstyle like dread locks and braids, extensive styling of hair can cause it to become weaker. If hair is considerably fine to begin with, subjecting it to extensive procedures such as curling with hot iron tongs, straightening, blow drying and applying hair products that clog up the hair follicles can make it harder for the hair to breathe.

Even tying hair up in a ponytail can cause it a lot of damage by straining it unnecessarily. Furthermore, the belief that you should brush your hair 100 times before you go to bed can also end up hurting your hair follicles more than you’d know. Avoid stressing your hair out and brush carefully with comb.





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