Exciting things to do on your first anniversary moment

So, you have completed 365 days of togetherness which means 52 weeks/12 months/ – means you have grown a year towards a lovely union. Well, congratulations for that. So, what are your grand plans for that big moment? Are you planning for some exotic vacation or your honey is still chalking out the plans? We are here to help you out with some breath-taking first anniversary gift ideas.

First anniversary gift

Take a look at the following points to derive the most suitable idea which would take your honey to a surprise ride.

  1. Propose the same way: Remember the first official date when you proposed your darling in a mesmerizing way. Why not take her to the same spot and propose in the same way using the same flowers, cake, and ring. She would be left speechless. Also promise her that every year on same date you would propose her this way no matter what your current situation would be in future.
  2. Make something together: You can plan to give a new dimension to your life by laying out plans every year on something that you can do together. For the first anniversary time, you can enter the kitchen together and prepare a lovely full course meal along with a cake baking session. The chemistry between you two would increase on a positive note.
  3. Relive the wedding video: Throw yourself back in a cozy mattress guarded by cushions and relish the wedding video with a glass of champagne. Watch it together from beginning to end keeping phones on flight mode because this is a day only for the two of you. You may end up with some hidden stories of your wedding moment that was never revealed before.
  4. Have a second honeymoon: As a first anniversary gift this one is the most attractive one. Going for a second honeymoon would bring back the lovely memories of the shyness of the first trip together. And boy oh by this experience is worth everything.
  5. Recalling the reception venue: Go back to the same place where you had your wedding reception and to avoid any obstacle, book a seat for you two beforehand. You may order the same food that was on the menu of your big day. In between the meal, surprise your honey with a lovely bouquet of red roses along with a jewelry set.
  6. Throw a party for all: You can plan a lavish treat to yourself and others by inviting friends, family, and relatives for a big party at your place or in some resort. Get the wedding anniversary cake and please get into the same wedding dress to enjoy a magical moment. Hope that you have not put in much weight post-wedding. Even if it is so, get it tailored for the party.

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