Evidence That Chocolate can Reduce Your Chances of Stroke.

The idea that chocolate can indeed reduce your chances of having a stroke is going to be music to the ears of so many people around the world. The only thing is, the amount of it that you need to take in order to reduce the chances is smaller than you think and this may indeed be a disappointment, but the question does remain about how something we love so much can actually cut the odds of having a stroke.

The answer lies in how it can help lower blood pressure and lower the amount of bad cholesterol that sits in our body as everything then moves more freely around our body and the heart does not have to work as hard pumping it around. This also then reduces the stress on the blood vessels that are in the brain and it is this part that means you have less chance of having a stroke since everything is working smoothly.

That is an explanation about why, but the question about how it does this still needs to be answered and to do this, we need to look at the cocoa that is in the chocolate as this holds the key to everything. To put it in simple terms, cocoa contains various things that work on the level of nitric oxide in the body and this is something that is loved by the cells and blood vessels. It is this that is responsible for keeping them nice and smooth and indeed the blood vessels will then relax and open up slightly so the blood flows without any problems and it means all the parts of the body get it without any problem whatsoever.

One thing that has to be mentioned is that dark chocolate is going to work better as this tends to have more cocoa in it without it, in a way, being diluted by other ingredients as is seen in milk chocolate. One of the latest studies that proved it reduced the chances of a stroke also showed that participants only had to eat an average size chocolate bar a week to reduce their chances by 17%, but there is possibility that eating slightly more will reduce those chances further. Other studies have shown that some people may even manage to reduce their chances by just over 30%, but both study groups were observed over a several years with them consisting of both men and women at what is seen as being the prime age for possibly having a stroke.

Evidence That Chocolate can Reduce Your Chances of Stroke.The evidence is pretty clear and you have to conclude that chocolate really does reduce the chances of you having a stroke and it is all down to cocoa and the way it helps the circulation of blood in the body. Do not take this as the green light to just go and eat more chocolate and claim it is going to keep you healthy because clearly moderation is key due to sugar and other things contained within it, but at least you know that when you eat some chocolate you are doing yourself more good than you were perhaps previously aware of.

This article was researched and written by Chocolate by Genevie, a UK chocolate delivery service specialising in artisan gift chocolates.

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