Essential Things You Should Know About Podiatry Functions and Specialties

People have misconceptions about the medical field of podiatry. Here we will take a look at the field of podiatry and try to provide you some clear ideas.

A podiatrist is a trained medical professional or doctor who specializes in the treatment of the lower limbs, i.e. the feet. They diagnose, treat and prevent medical conditions of those areas of the human body. They also help suffering patients to recover and rehabilitate after surgeries or treatments.

Essential Things You Should Know About Podiatry Functions

What Can Podiatrists Do?

Podiatrists are trained specifically to treat a range of conditions and problems that can affect the foot and the lower extremities. A podiatrist can use surgical procedures or nonsurgical methods depending on the problem being faced by the patient. The field of podiatry is very closely related to orthopedics as podiatrists also take care of the problems related to the bones of the feet. Those who specialize in this particular field ensure that the feet of patients receive continuous healthcare. A podiatrist can choose to go for further specializations within the field. There are many specific fields that podiatrists can specialize in.

  • Reconstructive foot surgery and ankle surgery. These podiatrists can be consultant surgeons in the field of podiatry as well.
  • General podiatric physicians.
  • Podiatric medical physicians.
  • Podiatric orthopedic specialists.
  • Sports podiatry physicians. These podiatrists specialize in the field of sports medicine and provide services to athletes and other sportsmen.
  • High risk wound care.
  • Podiatric rheumatology.
  • Neuro-podiatrists. These podiatrists specialize in the medical field of neurology and take care of the nerves of the feet and lower extremities.
  • Onco-podiatrists. They are also known as podiatric oncologists and they deal in cancers, generally skin cancer.
  • Podiatric vascular specialists.
  • Dermatological podiatrists.
  • Diagnostic podo-radiologist. These podiatrists deal in the radiological field of medicine as their specialty.
  • Gerontological podiatrists. Specialists in this field look into the problems of the elderly.
  • Diabetic wound care and limb salvage. Those who deal in this field are called podiatric diabetologists and their field of specialization is diabetics.
  • Podo-pediatrics. Those who specialize in this field deal in the feet and ankle of children and study conditions and problems related to those areas.
  • Forensic podiatry. A podiatrist who wants to specialize in this field needs to study forensics. They need to study footprints, shoeprints, footwear and feet which are associated with investigations in a crime scene.

The Surgical Field in Podiatry

The field of podiatric surgery is gaining importance as a specialized field in the world of podiatry. Many countries have already recognized this field of specialization. Podiatric surgery can be stated to be the treatment of conditions of the ankle, the foot and the other related lower extremities through surgery. This is a specialized form of surgery which requires qualified and accredited podiatrists who specialize in this field. They are trained to take care of bones, ligaments, joints, tendons and muscle pathologies in the area of the feet and ankles. Some surgeries and treatments that a podiatrist trained in this field can do are mentioned below.

  • Deformities in structure. Podiatrists can handle deformities such as hammertoes, bunions, high arch deformities, painful flat foot and bone spurs, amongst other problems.
  • Nerve entrapments.
  • Degeneration and Arthrosis. These problems and conditions can arise in the joints of the feet and ankles.
  • Nail and skin problems of the feet.
  • Congenital deformities.
  • Injuries related to trauma. This can include conditions such as fractures and dislocations. Sometimes arthrosis can arise after traumatic incidents which need to be taken care of.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog about podiatry functions and specialties. Get in touch to know more about podiatry Melbourne.

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