Essential Male Grooming Tips.

It now seems a long time ago that beauty being something strictly for the female population was the dominant ideology. Some attitudes remain throughout the years and decades while others are able to go through a certain amount of change.

It was back in 1994 in an article for The Independent when the British journalist Mark Simpson first gave the world the term ‘metro-sexual’ as his way of describing young single men with income to spend specifically on their appearance. Essential Male Grooming TipsIn the early years of the 21st century this idea became much more prevalent and with global fashion icon David Beckham undoubtedly at the forefront of it, it seemed that there were huge amounts of examples of metrosexuals to be seen.   Although there are admittedly some who are still opposed to the idea of male grooming, it is now not a surprise at all to find an adult male who dedicates a significant amount of his time and financial budget to looking as good as possible. The dramatic rise in the number of men booking themselves in for salon and spa treatments as well as buying beauty products has been an overwhelming boost for the industry in the past decade or so especially and these are some of the top male grooming tips.   Hydrating yourself and your skin   As a significant percentage of the human body is water it is easy to understand how it is such a crucial commodity to us.

Water is a vital part of everyday life and it is certainly extremely important when it comes to grooming. If you do not consume water on a daily basis then you are depriving your body of a basic requirement. Getting a sufficient amount helps your skin to be replenished and revitalized and you can also hydrate your skin in another way. Moisturizing should be a daily part of your routine if you value the health and appearance of your skin.   Cleansing and taking extra care.

Skin cleansing is important and this takes a bit of time to do each day. A prime example is when you are about to shave and it makes all the difference if you take extra care to make sure that you apply a specialist skin product for your face in this situation.   Regular nail and nose hair trimming   Everyone is different with regard to how they prefer their hairstyle but with regard to hair on the rest of the body it is generally seen as essential for a metro sexual to make sure they are well-trimmed.

Attention should be given to nose hairs and additionally your nails should always be kept short as well as immaculately clean.   Finding the ideal razor   The razor you use is particularly important when you take the time to groom yourself often. There are not too many things more unpleasant than a razor that causes you a lot of irritation so if you are at all unhappy with the one you have then do not hesitate to throw it away.

Caring for your lips   It is easy for your lips to become dry or cracked, especially in the colder weather, so make it a part of your routine to use a balm to repair them.



Alex Lawlor specialises in spa treatments for male and female clients and she is a big fan of the range of Dermalogica Beauty products.

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