Emergency Supplies to Have in the Event of a Severe Winter Storm

If mother nature has taught humanity anything in the last few decades is that no location is safe from freak storms that cause incredible amounts of damage. Floods, snow storms, tornados, hurricanes and more have caused a fair amount of damage to various cities. Without the means to protect yourself and your family, situations could turn from dire to deadly very quickly. In order to stave off calamity, you need to make sure that the basic needs of everyone under the roof are met.

Electrical Power

One of the most threatening times of the year to be without power is during the winter. Without the means to generate heat or cook food, situations could turn drastic. One way to ensure that you and your family can prevent desperate conditions is by utilizing a backup generator. These units vary in size and are able to power everything from a small house to a medium sized business. Although this may not keep the Internet from blacking out during an ice storm, it may help by powering your electric heating units and cell phones.

Some believe that hardcore survival tactics can keep you warm in the harshest of conditions. However, others will point out that there is nothing wrong with utilizing elements of technology to survive comfortably until power is restored. Why stress about burning wood and bundling up in warm survival blankets if you can simply turn on the generator?

Food Stores

Storing food is a tactic that many have been doing for a very long time. By purchasing foods that are non-perishable, you and your family are able to be fed for quite a long time. Foods that have an incredibly long shelf-life include: canned goods, dehydrated foods, dry storage items and packaged or bottled water. Foods of this nature may keep you and your family fed while you wait for the power to be restored in your area.

Medical Supplies

Keeping medical supplies on hand may mean the difference between a bandaged cut and tetanus. Although you may not need a field medic’s kit, keeping first aid supplies properly maintained may assist in emergency situations. Due to the popularity of survival equipment on the Internet, you may purchase entire first aid kits properly secured in backpacks ready to go at a moments notice.

Emergency Planning

If you live alone, the emergency plan may be quick and easy to develop. However, families may need more detailed organization in the event of an disaster. Rendezvous points need to be clearly identified in case family members are separated. This may include any and all “safe zones” that can be used as alternative areas.

Surviving a disaster during the winter is hard enough without having technology to fall back on. While it never hurts to have low-tech gear set aside, there is nothing wrong with having tools and generators to keep your house warm and the food cooked during situations such as these. Technology is available to make your lives easier regardless of the situation outside.

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