Electric Underfloor Heating: Types of Electric Floor Heating Systems.

Proper thermal heat control is a must during winters which protects your health to undergo any severe transition phase. The electric floor heating systems provide uniform heating across the floor. This is a centrally operated system. Installing the heating system helps bid bye to any chill day and night. The heating systems differ for concrete, ceramics and wooden flooring because of the different thermal conductivity properties they come with.

 Mat Floor Heating

The mat floor heating systems are made of thin wires of about two millimeter thickness. Though they are thin but they are made of strong alloys. Multiple wires are placed on fibre glass mesh to provide longer durability and strength. The process is very simple to install under the floor. The mesh or the mat can be laid under the floors before finishing the floors. Smaller rooms can be equipped with one twenty volt capacity mats while the more spacious rooms can be covered with two hundred forty volt mats. These are self installable, yet it is better to take the help of electricians.

Foil Floor Heating

This type of floor heaters is for floating floors such as wooden floors, laminates or carpets. They are made up of insulated foils that can be laid under the floors for easy installation throughout the house. They are best suited to both wet and dry floors. The foil can be cut into desired length of the floor. Wires can be used for proper fixing of the foils. Even cork flooring can be fixed with foil heating systems. The thickness of the foils is three millimeters and is available in both one twenty and two forty volts.

Carbon Floor Heating

This floor heating system is efficient compared to mat and foil. This system is made of carbon sheets which are durable and strong to be placed beneath the floors. They are capable of providing key and auxiliary heat up to eighty-five degree Fahrenheit which is neither too hot nor too cold. These are best suited for engineered floors as well as wooden floors. The width of the sheets varies from twelve to thirty-six inches. The length can be customized according to the length of the room. These types of heaters provide uniform distribution of heat to the entire house.

In-slab Floor Heating

These are the best fixtures for concrete floors. However, even vinyl and hardwood floors can be covered above the heating slabs. The heating cables are thick and strong which can be laid all over the floor. The new constructions prefer this type of heating system for its efficiency and durability. They are accessible in two voltages such as 20 and 240. The advantage of this heating system is that the flooring can be changed any time without causing any harm to the heating system. All said than done, an electrician’s aid is must for installing this system.

Loose Wire Heating

This is also a wire based heating system, suitable for almost all types of floors. Wooden, ceramic, tiles, vinyl or stone any kind of flooring can be used to lay this heating system. Another advantage is that this system can be easily spread on the sub floor without digging the floors. They are insulated wires of approximately 2mm which provide heat of 120-240 volts. This heating system is self installable with the mere help of installation manuals.

Electric Underfloor Heating: Types of Electric Floor Heating Systems.Electric heating systems are always a hit in cold countries due to the fact that they deliver quickest heating to the surrounding. Besides, they are very versatile to be implanted on any type of floors.

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