Eating your way to wellness

Healthy food and more so natural ones can do to your body more than a qualified doctor can do. From prevention to treatment and boosting your immune system, there is no better way to climb the ladder of wellness than consuming the food. Hippocrates said that food is your medicine and medicine is your food. Most time infections and other medical conditions are caused and alleviated by the kinds of food you eat. To eat your way to wellness, do the following; Note; it is beneficial to ingest food in its natural form and whole whenever you can.


1. Eat a healthy diet, Eat a good meal consisting of carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins and roughages in recommended serving proportions. Such foods can easily be gotten from grocery stores or even a small kitchen garden.

• Carbohydrates consist of foods like; rice, wheat, bread, corn, potatoes, cereals, etc.

• Vitamins are majorly found in fruits and vegetables.

• Proteins are best found in animal products such as meat and milk. Plant proteins like beans, peas,        lentils are also useful.

• Roughages are found in fruits such as avocado.

2. Add nutritional items this is not about changing how you eat but all about adding more nutrients to the healthy diet above.

• Some sources of nutrients include Onions to regulate insulin in the body.

• Tomatoes offer protection against UV rays.

• Garlic which acts as an antioxidant.

3. Supplement with these minerals do not have to be obtained from processed foods. Natural fruits and vegetables are rich in minerals which are essential for your body.

Some of the minerals that can be found in natural foods includes Zinc (oysters and salmon), Omega3 (salmon, flax seeds), Potassium (avocado and bananas), Magnesium Calcium (there is no better source than milk) Iron Copper Amino acids


4. The importance of water Consuming clean water on a daily basis is a sure ticket to healthy living. Experts recommend at least eight glasses per day. Water is the best agent in detoxifying your body. All waste products that may cause you harm are quickly gotten rid of by water.

5. What to avoid Eating your way to a healthy life is not about eating anything that comes your way. Not every food is good for your health no matter how delicious it is you should refrain from consuming the following kinds of foods

• Processed foods

• Foods with high fat content and cholesterol

• Sugary foods

• Alcohol

• Carbonated drinks

• Caffeine

• Cigarettes

Something to note Wellness is not simply eating; whatever you consume must be used by the body. You must work out on regular basis. This helps to burn excess calories and help you stay fit while managing your weight. You must also allow your body enough time to rest by getting enough sleep. Eating your way to wellness is not expensive. In fact, it is better than paying fat medical bills and queuing for hours at the hospital’s emergency unit. It is said “An apple keeps the doctor away”.

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Amelia Amy lives in Switzerland, UK and is an avid blogger and reader. Since her early years she’s had a passion for writing. Her areas of interest are Travel, Fashion, Lifestyle, Food, Lifestyle, Reviews (Book/Movie), Health and Fitness. She works as a Freelancer on her chosen areas of interest and currently writes on behalf of ESTA which helps you in visa assistance service.


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