Easy Weight Loss Tips, Ideas and Programs That you Were Looking For!

So if you are reading this article, it means that you are just another my kind of guy, always looking for easy ways to lose weight…nope I am not trying to criticize you, rather I would say that sometimes it’s really important to play smart … it’s a popular idea that losing weight is only about doing hard exercises, sweats and skipping meals. But as the medical science is improving, new ways of losing weight are opening in front of us…today losing weight is not only about doing hard exercises, it’s about maintaining the daily calorie intake, leading a healthy life style, professionals  don’t suggest to eat less, rather they suggest to add more healthy foods to the list. If you have never tried exercising in your entire life and suddenly one day you get up and try weight lifting, it simply could be life threatening…suddenly overhauling your daily lifestyle and eating habit can simply do more harm to your health than doing good…in this case one should proceed slowly and try out easy changes that can be effective.

Easy weight loss ideas that you were looking for!A great treat once in a week – You would be loving this one for sure, why not be? It’s about losing weight and great treats, it’s surly going to bring a big smile on those faces who are so terrified to think about sacrificing their favorite foods. There is really no harm to have a great treat once in a week, but you must make sure that the foods are low in calories. Wondering where you can find such foods? In this era when people almost ‘Google’ everything to find information about things can do it too.. let’s think about the lobsters, shrimps.. sea foods basically, they are so yummy but with less amount of calorie and fatty acids. My personal favorite is smoked salmon sprinkled with capers, delicious but has only about 60 calories in two ounces.

Water– It’s about changing your drinking habit, if you take orange juice at break fast, it’s fine but make sure that you are drinking enough amount of water through out the rest of the day, no more soft drinks or soda, it has been seen that an average American consumes about 240 calorie extra per day just from soft drinks, the worst part of the story is that these high calorie drinks don’t trigger the sense of fullness that easily.

Walk more– Try to walk more, normally we walk about 2000 steps a day, adding 1000 more can be great! A great option is to use a pedometer to track the number of steps you are walking everyday…clip it to your belt and give it a go.

Again eat more– This time try out five or six small meals instead of three big meals, in this way your body consumes about 30% of less calorie everyday, not only that, in this way your body releases less insulin keeping your blood sugar level normal.

Use social media– Well, let’s say you can’t find anyone in your locality to join your weight loss program, why don’t you try face book? You will surely find guys like you online who are searching for partners like you.

Colour therapy– Colors have significant effect on human mind, therefore many dietitians now suggest using colors that don’t encourage eating, like blue. It’s a color that has been proved to be effective to discourage eating, wear blue cloth while eating, or use a blue table cloth…and this can be effective.

These are just few things that I have personally tried , and to be honest it all worked, but along with all these you should also start doing exercise once you get the confidence.

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