EaseUS Disk Copy software

Cloning of hard drive has become commonplace nowadays. If you have some important documents stored in your computer, then it is imperative that you clone your system. There are many users who prefer cloning hard drive in order to upgrade it within an hour. Cloning is the easiest way, otherwise you will have to take back up of all the documents, pull up the old disk, insert the new one, then format it and finally reinstalling the operating system of yours to put it back to where it was. Therefore, you can pretty well guess how stressful the whole process can be if you do not take the help of cloning hard drives.  Now that you have decided you will clone hard drive for upgrading the on hand hard drive, then there are three things that you need to take into consideration –

  1. Hard disks (for obvious reason!)
  2. Cloning software
  3. Connection for another hard drive

When you are migrating from your old small hard drive to a larger one, then cloning seems to be the perfect solution for that. In order to make the cloning procedure a less stressful job, it is crucial that you make use of the right kind of cloning software. While selecting the software, you must look into the nuances of the software and the power it provides.

EaseUS has come up with the Disk copy software that enables the users to clone hard drive without much ado. The users who are not a tech geek can also use this software with élan. The EaseUS disk copy software is a perfect tool for the business users as well as home users. Completely identical copy can be achieved with the assistance of this software. You will get a free version as well as a paid version of the EaseUS disk copy software.

If you are using it for home purpose, then you can download the free version and enjoy disk cloning, partition cloning and sector level cloning. The hard disk capacity that is supported is that of 1TB and it is the same for the paid version as well.

EaseUS Disk Copy software

The other software to look out for

EaseUS also has file recovery software that will help you in recovering the data that you have lost while cloning. Generally, you won’t find anyone complaining about data loss while cloning with the help of EaseUS disk copy software, but by mistake if something like this happens, then you have the data recovery software to help you out.

But, in order to avoid an adverse situation like this, it is better that you take proper backup before getting into the process of cloning. You can also check the trash bin first because sometimes when you accidentally delete some files, then it sits pretty in the trash bin while you are hunting for the perfect software to help you with data recovery. If you are not that confident about cloning, then it is always advisable that you keep the EaseUS data recovery software handy.

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