Drug Testing-Reasonable Suspicion Or Mandatory.

The use of drug tests has become very widespread for many places of employment and throughout many school systems.  Employers may use drug testing for pre-employment screening, or reasonable suspicion testing.  On the other hand, many schools are conducting drug tests in hopes that it will deter students from using drugs and make it easier to resist peer pressure.

Drug testing for reasonable suspicion in schools

When a student shows evidence of using illicit substances, schools are required to conduct urine drug testing.  Evidence involves school officials observing erratic behavior, and physical symptoms of the student as being under the influence.

Drug Testing-Reasonable Suspicion Or Mandatory.Drug testing for mandatory purposes in schools

Many schools are conducting mandatory drug screens for students engaged in extracurricular school activities.  Schools are often held accountable for accidents that happen to students during a school related activity, so pre-testing will make sure the safety of the student as well as the safety of the school.

Although the Supreme Courts have heightened the authority of schools to test middle school and high school athletes, school administrators should seek legal expertise to be sure they are following all federal and state laws.

Neither type of the above testing is intended to punish or humiliate the student, the primary purpose is to prevent drug use or help the student engaged in use to get counseling or into a drug recovery program.

What types of drugs do test usually detect?

Typically drug testing detects marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, hallucinogens, opiates and alcohol.  Alcohol is a serious problem among teens, however, alcohol does not remain in the bloodstream long enough for these drug tests to detect recent use.

With so much technology today, it is easy for people, including many teens to gather advice on the internet on how to distort drug testing.  It used to be this information focused basically on distorting urine samples, but information is now available for distorting drug tests on oral fluids, hair samples  and multiple drug use.   However, these products often come at a steep price, therefore teens many times cannot afford to purchase them.  Although these tests can mask the drug itself, many tests can detect the product itself.

What types of testing kits are there?

As seen on Drug Test Your Teen, there are many drug testing methods available from urine, hair, sweat, oral fluids, and schools can select the test that best suits their needs, however, these test kits are required to be from a reliable source.

Most test kits are accurate; however, there are federal guidelines in place for fairness in drug testing, should a test result come back positive, this allows for the officials to conduct a confirmation test.

Drug testing is used for several different things. Drug abuse among students can interfere with a lifetime of learning, and deter the maturity of the students, therefore testing is good to prevent a possible lifetime of addiction.  Testing is also used for post-accident testing, which would benefit an innocent injured person resulting from an accident caused by an impaired person, and return to duty testing, keeping the welfare of many people in various settings safe.



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