Does Your Business Still Need Its Paper Brochures?

Many types of company use glossy brochures as a way to give their customers and prospects something to take away and browse at their leisure. These brochures can be really effective for some types of company who want to give a sense of luxury and quality, and give their prospects something they can look over together or show to friends.

However, with growing concerns about the environment, the constant drive to save money, and the availability of other paperless brochure options using web-based technologies, does your business still really need to invest in hard copy brochures?

Here are some questions to ask yourself regarding brochures:

Do They Add Value?

How much value does your brochure add to your sales process? In some cases, the brochure is the sales process, such as with mail order companies who send out brochures to prompt people to take a look at their new line of products periodically, and ask them to buy. For others, particularly expensive products like cars or homes, the brochure is there to reassure the client as well as tempt them – this is a quality company that is prepared to invest in winning you over. However, for many companies, the brochure is just there as a supplement to other forms of marketing and sales, and in these cases it can be considered for retirement. This happens in a lot of stores, whose customers may browse the brochure or may not, it isn’t an important part of the sales process at all. Large brands can afford to do this because of the kind of scale they are ordering, but for smaller businesses the benefit may not live up to the cost.

Would the Money Be Better Spent on a Different Approach?


Does Your Business Still Need Its Paper Brochures?

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Rather than spending money on having copy and imagery produced for your brochure and then paying a printing company to produce them, you may find you can get a better return on investment by using this part of your budget on something else.

Many companies are replacing traditional brochures with apps, which may cost more to make than one run of brochures however can often offer a huge boost over the brochures because they can allow people to order the product they like from the paperless brochure instantly.

Of course, if you do something like this or replace your brochure with an upgraded website, you may still have to write or pay for copy and get images and artwork, however you will save on printing costs and can maintain the online brochure in real-time with new products.

Alternatively, of course, you can do away with the brochures and simply save the money. If you are going through a phase of belt-tightening, saving on the costs associated with your brochures might be a low impact spending cut.

While it isn’t the best approach for every business, and while a quality brochure can have a great effect on brand association and credibility, it is important to regularly review your marketing approaches, even the ones you have been doing forever, and consider whether they are still paying for themselves.




The author of this post, David Volt, is a lead distributor for a sports magazine. He loves blogging about various topics that he finds interesting. He also shares his views about marketing techniques used by companies.

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