Depression And Anxiety Linked To Dental Problems.

Dental problems are just as severe as other health problems.

It has been reported that more and more people are facing dental problems. It is a well documented fact that chronic depression and anxiety disorders lead to a variety of health problems. Some dentists have suggested that the spike in number of patients coming up with dental problems might have something to do with the depression and anxiety disorders.

To corroborate this fact, The Institute of General Medical Sciences funded a research to find the relation between depression, anxiety and tooth loss.Depression And Anxiety Linked To Dental Problems

  • Statistics:

The research was carried out in accordance to the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System which is a method of telephone survey used by various health departments. In total 76,292 participants were questioned over the telephone. All participants were over 19 years of age.

Out of the 76,292 participants, those who reported tooth loss also reported some level of depression and anxiety. The research has also shown that depression and tooth loss were more common in men as compared to women. The data obtained from the research clearly showed that there is a relation between tooth loss and depression or anxiety disorders.

  • Depression leads to a compromised immune system

Our immune system is our defense against all kinds of health problems and the same is also true in the case of dental problems. When a person is depressed, his/her immune system is compromised. However, the effect of depression and anxiety on immune system is not too severe but still a weekend immune system can lead to a number of dental problems, especially if there is some pre-existing dental condition that can lead to tooth loss.

  • Over-eating as a result of depression:

There is no denying in the fact that people tend to over eat when depressed. Furthermore, in a depressed state of mind, people don’t pay much attention to what they are eating. Junk food is well-known for its negative effects on tooth enamel but still it is one of the very popular foods that people eat every day. Hence, overeating of junk food in a depressed state of mind can easily result in some sought of dental problem that can further progress and cause tooth loss or tooth ache.

  • Lack of proper dental care:

When depressed, people tend to ignore all sought of personal care. It’s common among depressed individuals not to brush twice a day. You must have seen advertisements issued in public interest that tend to urge people to bush twice a day to stay away from dental problems. In a depressed state of mind, people rarely pay any attention to regular hygiene matters, hence it should not come as a surprise if depressed individuals ignore healthy dental habits such as brushing and flossing. Such ignorance towards daily dental care can easily become the reason for tooth loss and enamel decay.

  • Depression also leads to alcohol abuse:

It is a well documented fact that depressed individuals tend to drink more alcohol than those who are not depressed. Alcohol consumption tends to decrease the mineralizing process of the teeth. It can even cause some forms of head and neck cancers. Hence some cases of tooth loss in depressed individuals can be attributed to alcohol abuse.






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This article is written by Matthew Allen. Matthew Allen is the marketing and outreach coordinator for Ashland Dental Health. He has also written a bestselling book on dental problems.

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