Dangers Of Weight Loss Supplements.

Weight loss is big business in the United States.  Many supplements, pills, and natural remedies are marketed to the public with promises of big results with minimal effort.  What many people do not understand is that these weight loss suggestions aren’t always tested by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  The FDA’s goal is to test things that the public will ingest.

Dangers Of Weight Loss Supplements.These tests are to make sure a minimal amount of safety.

Supplement Suspicions 

Many people believe that because a supplement is made of “all natural products” that it must be safe.  Sadly, that just isn’t true.  The claims made on the package supplements tell the buyer that the claims made by the product are not tested by the FDA.  In short, they are just claims that were made by a company looking to make a profit by getting people to purchase their product.  Some supplement companies may test the products in their lab or run trials of their own, but those results appear biased at best.  The FDA offers a standard of testing in their procedures that most labs may not use.

All natural supplements and even home remedies are not necessarily safe for any person to ingest.  The first thing to consider is a person’s allergies.  People can be allergic to natural substances.  Other considerations include whether or not a particular natural supplement should be used by a pregnant woman and whether or not the supplement will interact with any other supplement or prescribed medication.

When a drug, natural or synthetic, injures a person it is called a tort.  Certain types of manufacturers are held to a higher standard of liability than other types.  Companies that manufacture drugs are held to a standard of strict liability.  This means that even if they did not mean to injure someone (and most companies don’t intend to injure people with their product), they are still held liable for the injury.

People remember the weight loss drug debacle of Fen-Phen during the late 1990s.  The medication was put out with one goal in mind: to assist the obese in their weight loss goals.  It caused heart defects in more than 5,000 people who took the drug to combat obesity.  Thanks to the standard of strict liability, they were compensated.

How To Effectively Choose A Supplement

When it comes to weight loss and choosing a natural remedy or a supplement, education is key.  Those interested in using weight loss products to jump-start their weight loss needs should read labels, do research, and ask questions.  Watch for signs of sensitivity, allergy, or defect when taking these products.  Discontinue them if there is even a possible concern.  Consult with a doctor about weight loss needs.  Doctors can answer questions about how supplement ingredients work.  They can also inform if any drug interactions exist.

Interactions from weight loss products can be devastating and require future medical care.  If you believe that you are injured from taking a weight loss supplement you should contact an experienced attorney.  Many attorneys have a free initial consultation and can answer questions that you have about your experience.





Robin is a blogger at The McMinn Law Firm, a personal injury firm in Austin, Texas, that deals with product liability claims.  She has worked hard for her own personal fitness goals.  

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