Dancing Star Foundation – for preservation of earth

World earth is a residing planet where many complicated systems run perfectly without avoiding at all. When compared to other planets, it is obvious that in all its aspects the world is exclusively engineered for individual lifestyle. Built on sensitive levels out, lifestyle dominates in every spot of the earth, from the weather to the deep world. Exploring only a few of the millions of these sensitive levels out would be sufficient to show that the world we live in is exclusively engineered for us.

Dancing Star Foundation – for preservation of earth

How to preserve earth?

One of the most important levels out in our planet is exposed in the weather that encompasses us. The environment of the world keeps the most appropriate chemicals in the most appropriate rate required for the success not only of humans, but also of all the residing people on the world. The main motive of Dancing Star Foundation is to preserve our earth.

The 77% nitrogen, 21% fresh air and 1% co2 as well as other chemicals easily obtainable in the weather signify the perfect numbers necessary for the success of residing people. Oxygen, a gas that is vital for residing people, helps meals to be burnt off and turned into power in our bodies. If the fresh air quantity in the weather were higher than 21%, the cells in our body would soon start to suffer great loss. The plants and hydrocarbon elements required for lifestyle would also be damaged. If this quantity were less, then this would cause difficulties in our breathing, and the meals we eat would not be turned into power. Therefore, the 21% fresh air in the weather is the most perfect quantity determined for lifestyle. Dancing Star Foundation helps to preserve biodiversity everywhere.

An ecologist / film maker, Morrison created 10-hour Turner Transmitting sequence “Voice of the World,” which chronicled the record of lifestyle on Earth; the venture “involved shooting for nearly two decades in 25 nations.” Morrison is also accountable for the development of a trilogy of documented movies named “Mad Western,” “No Opening,” and “Hotspots,” as well as co-authoring guides on ecological problems.

Don Rule, vice Chief executive, Fund and Operations

Cannon’s qualifications contain comprehensive tenures with A&M information and Elektra information, as well as Hanna Barbera and other TV manufacturing organizations. Past to becoming a member of Dance Celebrity Base, he was a Mature vice Chief executive at ICM, a huge skills control organization. The objective of the features is to provide haven “for the benefit, comfort, tranquility of the citizen varieties.

Moreover to the organization of the perfect gas combination required for lifestyle on our planet, the systems required to protect and sustain this order are designed together with it. Any crack in the stability, though immediate, or any change in the percentages even for a very short period of time frame, would mean the complete devastation of lifestyle. Yet, this does not occur. The development of these chemicals in the weather just in the amount people need, and the continuous maintenance of these percentages indicate an organized development.

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