Coolest Clothing Trends For This Spring and Summer

Warm weather is here again and it’s time to redo that wardrobe. If your closet is looking kind of tired, maybe you need to look into some of the great fashion trends coming off the runway this year. You’ve probably already seen some of them when you’ve been to the clothing store.

Coolest Clothing Trends For This Spring and Summer

Rompers are all the rage

While rompers might not be for every lady, they are very cute and very in style this years. Rompers offer you the perfect one piece outfit for fun in the sun. These pieces look great at the beach when you are going just to hang out, and they are just as great out on a picnic.

While rompers might not be the perfect outfit for a night on the town, they are fun and fashionable.

For a More Dressy Look

The shirt dress is making a name for itself on the runway. Depending on your shoes and accessories this dress can go from workwear, to casual beach wear and right into evening wear. That makes this a great piece to have in your wardrobe even just for it’s awesome versatility.

Sundresses are always in style and they make a great easy getup to stay cool in on summer days, and with a few fancy accessories they can go into a sexy night on the town also. look below for the best in color trends this season to look for in your sundress.

Other Clothing Trends

Instead of pants or shorts, the thing to get this year to cover your bottom are culottes. Yes, you read that right. Half pants, half shorts, culottes offer you a dressy and casual blended look and they wear well with polo shirts for women, tank tops and even your bathing suit top.

If you need something to keep your warm around the campfire at night, open trench coats are the way to go.

Colors and Patterns

The hot, or cool, colors that are in style this warm season include yellow, black & white, blue & white and even head-to-toe white. Pick and choose from different hues of yellow, which is a perfect color for sundresses.

If patterns are your thing, look at Gingham to be the trendsetter on your block. This checkered print is cute and can be worn by women of any size and shape.

If you’re ready to get into all of the great styles trending this spring and summer, you can find many great places to purchase them online. For example, Lagaci is an online clothing store that has great colors and styles to offer you a fun summer wardrobe that will also keep you cool.

Enjoy the latest fashions and have fun switching up your accessories to make them the perfect outfits for wherever your day takes you!

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