Compulsive Hoarding Disorder. Signs You are a Hoarder and How to Stop.

Compulsive hoarding disorder; are you a hoarder? (inforgraphic image)


Hoarding isn’t typically a disease that comes out of nowhere. Often there is a tragic event or circumstance that leads an average person or family turning into hoarders. One example that recently came up was a mother and father who became hoarders after the death of their infant son. The boy’s mother wanted to save everything that used to belong to her son. Overtime, this need to save items that reminded her of her son turned into a need to save everything.

The boy’s father on the other hand, didn’t become a traditional hoarder. After he lost his son he stopped being interested in cleaning the house, doing dishes or taking care of the home. This, coupled with his wife’s disorder, had left their home in ruins. Do you know someone who is going through an experience that could lead her to hoarding? Let her know that it’s never too late to try to get help.

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