Most Common Sleeping Disorders and How to Treat Them naturally.

Most Common Sleeping Disorders and How to Treat Them naturally.Do you wake up fatigued, or spend the night tossing and turning in bed? These are the common symptoms of a sleeping disorder. Not only can sleeping disorders make it difficult for you to fall sleep but have a negative effect on your physical and mental health. As an alternative we usually resort to sleeping aids and pills, which are not always the best solution. In most cases, sleeping disorders can be treated without supplements and medication.


Insomnia is also known as sleeplessness. People suffering from insomnia have trouble falling asleep. The quality of sleep is low and they wake up fatigued and experience low levels of energy throughout the day. Treating insomnia is easier in the early stages before it becomes chronic. A few changes have to be made to the lifestyle and sleeping habits of the patient to cure it. Making the room and bed as comfortable for the person as possible improves the chances of him/her falling asleep and enjoying a good night’s sleep. Other potential treatments include:

* Paradoxical intention, where the insomniac makes an effort to stay awake instead of trying to fall asleep
* Meditation and yoga
* Sleep restriction, that involves following a strict schedule for sleeping and waking up

Sleep Apnea Syndrome (SAS)

The sleep apnea syndrome (SAS) prevents the person from breathing during sleep because of a blockage in the upper airways. Because of the inability to breath, the person wakes up multiple times during the night. SAS has a number of symptoms including

* Waking up tired
* Choking during sleep
* Headaches, chest pains or dry mouth & throat when waking up

Sleep apnea can be treated through applying pressure constantly on the upper airways during sleep. This is achieved through a pump and the patient has to wear a mask. Other treatments are losing weight and avoiding alcohol and tobacco, as they are likely to trigger sleep apnea.


Narcolepsy actually makes you sleepy, but not in the way you want. A common symptom of narcolepsy is feeling sleepy during the daytime. Moreover, the patients suffer from ‘sleep attacks’ during which he/she is unable to stay awake. These attacks can occur at any time; during a conversation or even while driving a car. There are no known treatments for narcolepsy but you can improve the condition by taking two or three short naps during the day of 10 to 15 minutes. Also, avoiding alcohol and heavy eating can help.

These are the three most common sleeping disorders and how you can treat them without taking medication or supplements.

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