The most common makeup mistakes and the ways to fix them

Not all of us were born with a super ability to apply makeup like celebrities. Well, we probably won’t even need those professional techniques in our day-to-day lives, but learning some basics will not hurt, right? You must be surprised by the fact that even the most experienced makeup enthusiasts can make mistakes every now and then. So let’s go ahead and find out what the most common blunders are and how you can easily fix them.

  • Not moisturizing your skin

Remember the one and probably the most important rule: moisturize your skin before applying makeup! Otherwise, you will only emphasize a flaking skin as well as other facial imperfections. To avoid this, use a rich moisturizer which can help you reach a better-finished look.

  • Applying the wrong shade of foundation

A lot of women apply foundation with a firm belief that it’s supposed to tan their skin. In reality, however, a good foundation should blend with your skin tone. So next time buying this product, try it on your jawline to see if it looks natural.

  • Overdoing lipliner

Applying too dark lipliner is a common mistake which should definitely be avoided (unless you want to look older your age). When it comes to choosing the right lipliner color, pick the one which closely matches the tone of your lipstick. To make your lips look bigger, just draw slightly outside your lip line.

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  • Overdoing pencil on your eyebrows

Attempting to fill in sparse brows, many women simply go overboard. Even though a pencil seems like a quick way to fix the shape of your eyebrows, it would be better if you use gel or eyeshadow two tones lighter than your natural brow color.

  • Trying to contour your face shape

Yes, all of us want to have a svelte nose and outlined cheekbones. Nevertheless, sculpting your face is a very complicated task, and if not done correctly, it can look rather artificial and ridiculous in a broad daylight. Instead of going for a counter look, try to simply highlight your best features.

  • Wearing black eyeliner during the day

This is another common mistake which results in your eyes looking small and bead. Instead of using black eyeliner, opt for neutral brown shade and avoid overdoing your lower lash line (especially during the daytime). Keep in mind that your eyeliner should open up your eyes, but not narrow them.

  • Using glitter eye makeup

Too much glitter on your eyes can result in an animated effect. Besides, it easily falls down your face, leaving undesirable sparkling spots. To avoid this, use a glitter eyeliner pencil or wear eye shadow with a mild, soft shimmer instead.

  • Ignoring seasonal makeup switch

There are a lot of women who don’t even realize that switching their makeup according to the season is as important as switching their clothes. If you unexpectedly find your eye makeup running as a new season comes, you should consider replacing your products for spring and summer with waterproof ones. The same applies to your concealer. In winter it should be changed to a lighter shade.

The information was kindly provided by our peers from Amur Dating.

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