Common Exercise Blunders Every Man Makes.

You may not want to admit it, but at some point every man makes some common exercise mistakes when it comes to working out. If you’re willing to admit it, hopefully you’ve learned something from your own exercise blunders.

If you haven’t, expect another hard-to-learn lesson from the school of hard knocks. And, if you’re new to working out, pay attention and avoid making these common exercise mistakes.

#1) Kicking Your Own Ass

If you took a look in the mirror and decided you were disgusted with your beer belly, your gut instinct may be to launch operation Belly Buster. But going from inactive to all-out sprinting, weight lifting, and exercising is a bad idea. You’ll kick your own ass, and put yourself at high risk for injury. Pull a hamstring or wrench your back on day one of your ultimate workout, and you could be laid up on the coach for weeks.

#2) Ignoring Your Diet

Just because you’ve got in the groove of lifting weight and logging some cardio workouts, doesn’t mean you can eat anything you want. When guys complain that they’re not getting the results they want from their gym workouts, the most common reason is linked to their diet. Eat fast food, toss back a few cold ones, and munch on unhealthy snack foods, and your workouts won’t be enough to combat the calorie overload.

Pay attention to your diet. Figure out how many calories you should consume in a day and in the right proportions for carbs, protein, and fat, and stick to it.

Common Exercise Blunders Every Man Makes.#3) Yapping Instead of Working Out

So you hit the gym five days a week, but you’ve still got a beer gut and haven’t increased your bench press in weeks. What’s up? Some guys spend too much time socializing, checking out girls, or zoning out to iTunes music when they’re at the gym, instead of actually working out.

You can get an awesome workout in 45 minutes, but that’s only if you stay on track rest 30 to 90 seconds between sets, and move on to the next exercise. If you’re chatting up your workout buddies after every set, you’ll end up wasting valuable workout time, and your results will suffer.

#4) Skipping Workouts

Another exercise blunder that will stall your progress is skipping workouts. The fact is, strengthen your muscles and cardiovascular system is a lot like eating and sleeping. You just can’t store it up and save it for later. Skipping a meal now and then, or staying out all night on occasion isn’t a big deal.

But do that every day, and you’ll be hungry and cranky in a hurry. And working out isn’t any different. You’ve got to stick with your workouts to challenge your muscles and help them grow. Skipping a workout once in a while because of a hectic schedule or cold is OK, but make it habit of putting it off or sleeping in, and you’ll slowly end up back where you started instead of making gains.

#5) Avoiding Tough Lifts

Most guys probably don’t have a problem showing up to the gym to do some bench presses or arm curls. These are exercises that develop big biceps and pecs. But if you really want to get ripped, show off your six-pack and build more muscle, you’ve got to include less popular and tougher lifts like the dead lift and squats.

  • These exercises engage your quads, glutes, and hamstrings that make up the largest muscle group in your body.
  • Challenge these muscles, and they help burn more total body fat than hammering out a few arms curls.

If you want to improve the success of your workouts, make sure you’re working out smart and avoid these common exercise mistakes. If you do fall into one of these familiar patterns, don’t beat yourself up. These are common exercise mistakes almost every man makes at some point. Just take notice of what you did wrong, and get back on track.





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