Common Dental Mistakes And Why You Should Claim.

Dentists can make errors. These can be errors that can be corrected easily or ones that take a while to correct.

Dental Implants are associated with a lot of common dental errors. For example placing implants into someone’s mouth when that individual is not healthy enough or does not have a healthy bone structure to correctly accept the dental implant. This can lead to the implants failing to set which leaves the individual with implanted teeth that are not correctly fitted and a heavy bill.

A further error is when a dentist fails to do a procedure correctly. Dentists may potentially be held liable for malpractice if they use root canal filling materials that were based on formaldehyde but not used properly and injury resulted to a patient.

Further errors include failing to diagnose the condition of the patient. For example, this particular error may result if a patient has a periodontal disease and this is not diagnosed or treated by the dentist. As a result the individual could lose his or her teeth permanently.

Common Dental Mistakes And Why You Should Claim.Other Errors

A further common error is a failure to detect a complication in the dental procedure. For example performing root canal and a tooth needs taking out but the dentist fails to notify you of this.

Another error is a failure to detect a complication in the dental procedure. For example the individual may have a post surgical infection which may result due to improper dental techniques or a lack of awareness by the dentist when examining the individual after surgery. Post surgical complication may then lead to teeth being lost, a loss of necrosis of tissues that surround the site of infection, in some cases this could also lead to injury to the jaw line.

Diagnostic errors are common in dental offices and may involve a range of situations, such as the improper diagnosis of periodontal disease, the improper diagnosis of gingivitis, errors in diagnosing disorders that involve cavities or the hard tissues around the teeth, or even errors in diagnosing neoplasms that are malignant as well as cancers that occur within the mouth.

Why should I make a claim for a dental mistake?

Dental mistakes can leave you in pain. There are many different types of dental negligence including:

  •  Incorrect teeth being pulled
  • Negligent damage to teeth
  • Mistakes made during dental surgeries such as root canals or fillings
  • Injury due to incorrect dosage of drugs

If you experience any of the above then get some legal advice as soon as possible as you might have grounds to make a medical negligence claim. Damage to your teeth can have a large impact on your life and self-esteem. Injury to the mouth can also cause nerve damage leading to numbness, infection or loss of feeling in the mouth.

You may have paid for the treatment and had to take time off work as a result of the dentist’s negligence. If you have been injured unnecessarily you should receive compensation for both your injuries and the financial loss suffered.





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