Helping Children with Learning Difficulty

Children start learning things as soon as they are born. Not everyone in this world is same and so every individual has a different need. For the first few months the learning process happens in an unconscious stage but as time progresses learning becomes more and more a conscious process. However the ability of a child to comprehend something depends upon his or her brain’s power. Some are prompt to learn new things whereas some others take considerably a longer period of time to get into the subject. Children who have learning difficulties should be dealt with in a different way so that they can learn things easily.

tired boy sitting at a desk and holding hands to headWhy this occurs

The immediate reason behind learning disability is the lack of maturity of the brain.  Normally the Physicians site mainly three reasons for learning disability — heredity, problems at the time of pregnancy and accidents after birth. Whatever be the reason, once the child has been found with learning disability, the parents and the tutor needs to be very careful while dealing with the children.  The children with such disability need love, encouragement, and support. These qualities indulge a positive reinforcement among the children.   There are certain rules that teachers and parents must follow while dealing with children with learning disability.

Tips for the parents and the teacher to deal with the child who has learning disability:

  • Keep things in perspective:

It’s the duty of parents to encourage child how to deal with those obstacles without being discouraged or overwhelmed.  

  • Be an advocate of your child:

Parents need to speak up to the child from time to time .Embrace your role as a proactive parent .It may be frustrating at times but by remaining calm and having patience can make a huge difference to the child.

  • Identifying the right subject

Identifying the right subject for the child is the most important part of educating a child with learning disability. It has been seen that children with specific learning difficulties have the power to grip on to a single subject. The task of parents and teachers is to find out what he learns best in short span of time. It can be a text book subject or it can be something related to fine arts or music. No matter whatever the subject is, the child should be educated in that only. This would make things easier for the child.

  • Keeping patience

It is a big challenge to teach a child who has learning difficulty. Teacher as well as parents needs to be patient.  It is quite obvious that children with severe learning difficulties will face problems in comprehending the lesson and they would take longer than normal to get a grip on the subject. Hence, teachers and parents have to be patient enough while teaching a child with learning difficulties. Losing patience would only make things worse and it is not also a good thin g to practice.

  • Long term planning

A good long term planning is absolutely essential when it comes to educating a child with learning disability. Success in life is more important than success in school and so the planning should be done keeping in mind the long term results. Children with learning disability take time to understand a subject and the required time must be given to them so that they can learn everything by heart.

  • Using latest methods

Teaching methods are ever changing. Over the last few years several specialized methods for teaching slow learners have been introduced. Parents and teachers should incorporate all these methods into their teaching technique so that it is easier for the child to grasp onto the subject. These special teaching techniques have been devised keeping in mind the requirement of children with learning difficulties.

Slow learners have different requirements and it is the duty of the parents and teachers to make things better for them by helping them in the learning process. By following these tips both parents and teachers can deal with slow learners effectively and successfully. It is to be kept in mind that children with learning difficulties need special attention and so it is essential for everyone to give them what they need.

This blog has been written for reader to provide useful information about learning difficulties in children. If you want to know more then get some useful information about them in details.

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