Child/toddler Safe Decorating Ideas in home improvement.

Having toddlers big enough to crawl or walk around the house can be fun but at the same time, it can be dangerous. Many things like glass decoration showpiece or picture frames can be lying around your house which can be a threat to your child’s safety. Below are some decorating ideas that will ensure the safety of your toddlers.

Use Kid-Friendly Furniture

With a child in your house, ready to explore the surroundings, parents should be careful with their house decor. You should opt for furniture that has smooth rounded curves and soft cushioning. Furniture with sharp-pointed corners or glass inserts can be particularly damaging to your child. For the safety of your child, use durable material such as metal, stone, wrought iron or marble. These will look great and will not be easily damaged. They will also protect your child against harm.Child/toddler Safe Decorating Ideas in home improvement.

Moreover, to protect your furniture fabric from stains, rips and other incidents, buy printed fabric. Printed fabric will help hide any stains. You can also buy a washable printed slip cover to cover your furniture fabric to maintain it.

Use Washable Paint

Children love to express themselves through creativity such as drawing and coloring. They mostly find walls a much more interesting place to show their creative streak. It is preferable to use non toxic paint on your walls, doors and windows. Non toxic paint is easily available in all colors and is durable and washable. If your child does not listen to you, then with non toxic paint, you will not have to worry about your walls.

Carpet Bare Floors

Children who crawl or are learning to walk tend to fall often. It is recommended that you carpet your house or use rugs to cover up large spaces of hardwood floor. This will protect your child from getting hurt if he/she falls. When purchasing rugs, avoid those with bead work, buttons, tassels or sequins on them. These things tend to catch a child’s attention that will enjoy pulling them out and may even put them in their mouth, which can pose a threat to the child’s safety.

Store Decorations for some Time

You may enjoy displaying crystal decorations, metal picture frames or lamps in your house but they can test a child’s curiosity. Store your decoration pieces until your child gets older. Use ceiling lights for lighting your rooms rather than lamps which are within your child’s reach. Ensure all cords and cables around the house are protected by cable covers.

Finally, children are restless and forget instructions quickly. If you try teaching them, you will end up with broken things around the house and not a well-behaved child. Hence, it is wise to keep your favorite decoration out of reach of children.

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