Cheshire, a Rich and Vibrant History

A lot people living in the UK would give anything to have a Cheshire postcode. It’s where many of the rich footballers live, with many lottery winners also taking up residence there. It is home to vast countryside’s and beautiful parks, interesting museums, great shops and lots of good walks. There are also a lot of luxury country hotels in Cheshire that can give you a taste of living there and there many Spa Breaks in Cheshire to choose from.

The golden Triangle
Cheshire, a Rich and Vibrant HistoryCheshire is home to something known as the Golden Triangle. It is an area of rich, leafy towns and villages, in particular Alderley Edge, Hale Barns and Mottram St. Andrew. The three points of the triangle are Wilmslow, Knutsford and Prestbury. The area is well known for its expensive houses, pleasant landscapes, famous footballers and celebrities.

Out of the 10 most expensive roads in the North West, 5 of them are located in Cheshire. The most expensive street being Withinlee road in Prestbury. Buying a home there could set you back at least £1.35million!

So maybe buying a house here is out of the question for many, but at least you can still sample the affluent lifestyle by staying in Luxury Country Hotels in Cheshire and whilst you are there, why not sample some of the Spa Breaks that are widely available too, there is so much to choose from.

Mottram St. Andrew

Mottram St Andrew is a small village in Cheshire, with a tiny population of only 629 people, it is in the heart of the countryside. Another positive of the location, besides being in the golden triangle, is that it is only 15 miles away from Manchester. So if you fancy visiting Manchester to take in its culture, night life or even to visit the shops, it’s not too far away.

Hale Barns

Hale Barns is another village located in the golden triangle in Cheshire. This village is considerably larger than Mottram St. Andrew as it has a current population of over 9,000. The location is great as it is only 12 miles away from the center of Manchester and is just 2 miles away from Manchester airport.

There is also close proximity to the river Bollin, which contains a lot of great walks to suit everyone and is also close to style mill, which is a great day out for families. Cotteril Clough, in Hale Barns, is a Site of Special Scientific Interest for its ancient and diverse woodland. Hale Barns is in the top 10% of the wealthiest areas in England.

Alderley Edge

Alderley Edge is yet another village located in Cheshire. The population consists of around 4,600 and it is situated at the base of a steep and heavily wooded sandstone ridge. The village overlooks the Cheshire plain. So there’s plenty of nice views if you visit.

It is one of the most expensive places to live outside of London. The area has streets with leafy trees everywhere in sight and it gives off a real country feel without being too far out of the way. It is only 15 miles away from the center of Manchester. There is also an affinity for the Victorian design throughout the village, with many Victorian villas set in huge gardens. The village contains many restaurants, so you have a variety of foods you can eat, designer shops and specialty food shops.

If you choose to visit Alderley Edge, you can still see winding lanes that are covered in the original sandstone from the area and garden walls are often built from the same sandstone.

The village is home to a number of famous people due to it being relatively close to Manchester but is still a scenic and quiet place to live. The village is planning to put on tours of celebrities houses, so again there’s something to do if you want to know where some of your favourite celebrities live.

The Edge

The Edge is a wide red sandstone escarpment situated above the village of Alderley Edge and is approximately 200 meters deep. It is owned by the National trust and is kept as a public access wooded area. Great for picnics and there are many old mines you can visit provided you take a professional caver or tour guide. It isn’t recommended you go by yourself if you are inexperienced or suffer from claustrophobia!

Whilst visiting the Edge, the views are breathtaking; there are views across Cheshire and the peak district. You can also see Macclesfield forest and as far away as Blackstone Edge in Yorkshire, provided the weather is clear!

As you can see, there are certainly a lot of things to see and do here, so why not look at Luxury Country Hotels in Cheshire and top it off with a well-deserved Spa Break!

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