Cheering Up a Friend: How to Make Someone Special Smile and Happy.

Nothing feels as good as bringing a smile to a friend’s face, especially when they could use some cheering up. There are a lot of ways to show someone that they are special to you and to bring some much-needed laughter into their life. Here are a few creative ideas for brightening someone’s day.

Change of Scenery

Sometimes all it takes to bring up someone’s mood is a fresh, positive outlook. This can be easily achieved with a change of scenery. There are a lot of great opportunities to get out and take in some fresh air. Here are a few of them:

  • Go on a walk.
  • Take a day trip to a nearby city or hiking trail.
  • Go on a road trip. The destination isn’t important; the journey is what counts.
  • Visit a nearby park, restaurant, or coffee shop that neither of you has been to before.
  • Go on a shopping trip. Retail therapy isn’t always the answer, but it’s fun!

Cheering Up a Friend: How to Make Someone Special Smile and Happy.

The point of providing a change of scenery is to get someone’s mind working in ways it hasn’t been and to shake off any stagnation. Sometimes getting outside, breathing in fresh air, and appreciating nature is the answer. On the other hand, observing people and having the opportunity to form new relationships can be cathartic. Whatever you decide on, getting your friend out into a new environment and spending valuable time with them is bound to create great memories and truly cheer them up.


A simple phone call or note can completely turn around someone’s day. Just reminding them that someone cares can be all it takes. This can be as simple as a post-it note or a text message, or as involved and creative as your imagination allows. Consider sending an eCard to let them know you’re thinking about them. You can personalize a design you know they’ll appreciate—add an inside joke, or something that will make them laugh. Sending a cute encouraging message reminds them that you are there to talk and that you care about them.



It’s been said that food not only nourishes the body, but the soul. Studies show that eating together brings people closer and strengthens relationships. This emotional connection to food explains why intense emotional states can lead to specific cravings.

Stress causes cravings for salty foods; craving creamy foods such as ice cream and pudding indicates nostalgia, and sweetness, of course indicates sadness.

Knowing what foods help improve certain moods can certainly help you cheer up a friend. Plan a movie night with some popcorn; bake them some cupcakes or their favorite cookie. Not only will the food itself help, but knowing that you put in the effort will remind them they are loved.

By providing positive experiences for your friends, you’re sure to bring a smile to their face. Whether they are going through a rough spot in life or just having kind of down day, you can remind them that they are loved and that life is good. Taking the time to make little gestures will also strengthen your connection to them and lead to a more genuine relationship.Laughter is the best medicine, so use your comedic skills to your friend’s advantage. Sometimes laughing at a situation makes it better. If you can laugh at something, you’re more likely to look on the bright side. So bring some humor into your friend’s day. If it doesn’t make things better, it will at least take their mind off things.

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