Cellulite – Now Is The Time To Fight It.

The most anybody ever talks about cellulite is just before summer when the season of taking off your clothes and wearing bikinis and short skirts arrives. But then it is too late!

There are no quick and simple solutions in fighting cellulite. In a long-term you can surely reduce it, or even better, prevent it from ever appearing.

We are all familiarized with the main causes of cellulite appearance: changes in the metabolism, wrong diet, changes in the connective tissue structure, hormones and genetic influences.

Of course you can’t affect all the stated factors that cause cellulite, but there are certain areas where you can make some changes and in that way reduce cellulite. This esthetically unappealing occurrence can be prevented only if you act on the cause of it! Something like that is a long-term process and it needs patience. After all, it is like everything you want to do with quality.

Cellulite - Now Is The Time To Fight It.We are aware that there are no instant diets and three-minute workouts that can give you a superbody. But if you persist, positive changes must be shown!

You can increase the circulation in the problematic zones by…

… moving frequently and regularly

It is well-known that circulation is weak in the areas cellulite appears. By consistent and regular exercise you improve the circulation in the body. Exercising should consist of aerobic and anaerobic parts. Aerobic activities are of low intensity and continuous duration. For doing them you primarily spend energy from the fat reserves under the skin. Excellent!

Further on, you activate the work of the circulatory system and increase the blood circulation across the body. Of course that applies to our critical zones as well.

The other part of exercising should consist of exercises for tightening and shaping the body. Doing that should activate the muscles groups beneath the cellulite in our critical zones. The muscles that work warm and by that increase the circulation in them. The most problematic zones are the areas above the knees, the area of the gluteus, the belly and the upper arm. The muscle groups on these body parts need to be taken care of in your training.

… massage

Massages have always been known as a remedy that cures on the principle of increasing circulation in a certain body part. By mechanical force massages act on a critical area, and they improve the circulation of the blood and lymph. That’s what we need. With massages we also act on the skin by stimulating the skin glands, increase their function and speed up the elimination of bad things. The result is a more elastic and lithe skin.

… good diet

A good diet is certainly something we should pay attention to, whether you have cellulite problems or not. The Americans say: “You are what you eat”, and they know the problems of health and esthetics connected to bad diet. We need to consume healthy and balanced meals! Eat less processed foods and more fruit and vegetables. A good method is that by the number of colors on the plate you can determine how quality the meal is! Such eating doesn’t increase the creating of fat beneath the skin.

… hydrating the organism

A lot of water and natural teas are already a classic when it comes to the elimination of toxins and cleaning the body. Why wouldn’t we drink them everyday? Don’t we want our organism to be well hydrated and clean? Only in that way you create optimal conditions for its proper function!

… wearing comfortable clothes

If you can’t avoid tight clothes at work, in your free time you should focus on wearing something loose and comfy. Tight clothing reduces circulation. Maybe sweatpants and sports clothing are ideal for relaxing moments.

Every organism is different and there are no unique and simple solutions. On someone these changes will be seen after a week, on someone else after a few months.

It’s worth persisting! Ain’t that right?






By Milan Budimkic

Milan Budimkic is a creative freelance writer for industries that include but are not limited to the health, travel, sport, home decor, and much more. When not blogging, he likes to travel and read a lot.

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