Celebrities And Hair Replacement Surgeries In Focus.

Being under constant observation isn’t something unusual for a celebrity. They are noticed for the way they dress up, speak up, and show up.

Media, fans, and critics are all around to cover, admire, and critically analyze them. To look good is eventually one of the most important things they should never lose sight of.

Whether you talk about showbiz celebrities or those from international sports, the fan following seems pretty overwhelming. Branded clothes and accessories do give them a heroic look. However, these cannot make up for receding hairline. Consequently, celebrities and hair replacement surgeries started becoming the norm.

Though hair loss has long been a problem for both men and women, hair transplant wasn’t so common a couple of decades ago. Initially, celebrities used to hide the patches through unusual hairstyles and. For instance, the one and only David Beckassy and spectacular. Later he had a coham’s faux-hawk look proved to be quite commendable hair transplant.

Talking about celebrities and hair replacement surgeries, another famous story is that of the famous American film actor Mel Gibson. He was known for his amazing locks, but he too suffered from hair loss problem. As soon as Gibson’s scalp turned patchy, he resorted to hair transplant surgery and it turned quite successful in his case.

However, there are cases when hair replacement surgeries didn’t prove as successful as celebrities expected in the first place. For instance, one of the main reasons behind the failure is negative reaction to anesthesia, as in the case of Gordon Ramsay. The famous British Chef cum TV personality had an allergic reaction during the process that altered his natural hair color.

Matthew McConaughey is another American film actor most admired for his looks. The hair replacement surgery in his case proved highly successful as the fans believe the guy now looks even more handsome. The surgery didn’t only work on his receding hair, but enabled him to expand his fan following too.

There are countless stories of celebrities and hair replacement surgeries, and one more to mention here is that of Manchester United’s superstar Wayne Rooney. Only in his mid 20’s the guy suffered from severe hair loss, which made him look older than he actually is. Rooney decided to go for the surgery and it proved successful for him too. The guy now looks his age now.

Celebrities And Hair Replacement Surgeries In Focus.A few more celebrities that underwent hair transplant surgery include, the showbiz personality Louis Walsh, radio artist and TV actor Rob Brydon, the Irish comedian and actor James Nesbitt, and the Australian singer plus choreographer Jason Gardiner. However, Elton John could be considered the pioneer in this regard.

The famous English musician, singer, as well as an occasional actor Sir Elton John went for the surgery quite some time ago. He is one of the first celebrities to opt for the hair replacement surgery and since he was too famous at that time, the news couldn’t be hidden. Probably it was due to him that other celebrities also thought ‘why not’?






Mark is a hair consultant currently employed by HDC Hair Trichology Centre. He has more than 10 years of experience in hair loss and he has worked with many patients (celebrities included) to help them restore their hair and make them look natural 

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