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Radon Gas; What You Need To Know About This Lung Cancer-Causing Gas.

The leading cause of lung cancer is an easy one. (You did know that it’s smoking, right?) But the second leading cause of lung cancer is a bit more mysterious. It’s colorless, odorless and tasteless and it’s probably seeping into your house right now as you read this! Ok, I didn’t mean to alarm you. The second leading cause of lung cancer in the world isn’t as scary as you might think but you should educate yourself on it. Luckily, I’m here to help you. It’s something called radon gas. Let’s have a look at it, shall we? Read More »

The Essential Minerals and Vitamins your Body Needs and How Much. (2).

We’ve all heard the term ‘vitamins and minerals’ in regard to health. Most people are well-informed about vitamins and know the basics about them. But what about that other word? This is the second of a two-part post exploring what minerals are essential for your body, what happens when you get too much or too little of them and where you get them from. Read More »

4 Signs You Have Black Mold In Your Damp House.

Mold has a greenish appearance and occurs mainly on walls and in hidden dark corners. Mold is formed as a part of the decomposition process of natural substances around us like food remains, leaves and wood. The notion therefore in most people is that mold is a sign of dirt in the home. Although this is true, it however does not mean that mold does not occur in a clean home as well. Read More »

Oral Hygeine and Halitosis: Tips to Avoid Bad Breath and its Causes.

Bad breath is a very common problem that affects people at any age, there are many causes and also many treatments to prevent bad breath according to the causal origin of course. Before having to reach these instances tedious treatments and feeling discomfort leaving personal and social level have bad breath, there are certain keys to avoid bad breath Read More »

Reasons Vaccinations Still Matter; Vaccinate Your Child From Diseases.

In this age of medical miracles and vaccinations, many childhood diseases are a thing of the past. Measles, mumps and rubella don’t claim lives the way they used to. Out of sight and out of mind, it becomes easy for parents to forget that these diseases once maimed and even killed children. They start feeling that the immunizations aren’t really important, and they refuse to have their children vaccinated. However, the CDC reports that immunizations remain incredibly important as long as the diseases exist anywhere in the world. Read More »

The Essential Minerals and Vitamins your Body Needs and How Much. (1).

We’ve all heard the term ‘vitamins and minerals’ in regard to health. Most people are fairly well informed about vitamins and know the basics about them. But what about that other word? Minerals, which are not produced naturally in the body, play a vital role in the body’s metabolic functions. Your body needs a good balance of minerals. Having too much or too little of these important substances in the body can lead to severe health conditions. Here are some important minerals that the body needs and what they do. Read More »

How to Get Healthier,Glowing Skin: Sunscreen, Healthy Diet and More.

Having a flawless and glowing skin would be anyone's dream. Most of us ready to go any length to be the proud owner of enviable skin. Of course, if you good skin, you will make heads turn in your direction wherever you go and there are chances that even strangers can make you stop in your tracks and ask you the secret of your glowing skin. Beauty is god given and we have no role to play, but we can surely strive to have a skin that radiates good health. A clear skin is not only a sign of good health; it also infuses loads of self-confidence. Read More »

How to Buy Running Shoes: Shopping Tips to Treat Your Feet Right.

While it is important to pick the right shoes no matter what kind, choosing the proper shoes for athletic activities heavy on foot activity, such as running, is vital. Not only is it important for the general health of your feet and reducing the risk of injury, it will improve your performance. Before you head out to buy your next pair of running shoes, here are some tips to help you pick the best pair for your needs. Read More »

Aromatherapy: 15 Exciting Uses for Your Everyday Essential Oils.

When you think about essential oils, what first springs to mind? Heavenly scents? Soothing massages? Calming baths? Well you might be surprised to know that essential oils aren’t only just good for those jobs. They can also come in very handy when treating mould, acne and your health. Take the following 15 uses – they prove that essential oils can do so much more than smell good: Read More »

Sun Protection Factor: Protect Your Face with Quality Sunscreen.

The problem isn’t that the sunscreen in your makeup doesn’t work at all. The problem is simply that the levels are too low. You may believe that your SPF makeup (SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor) will protect your face, but you still need to apply a dedicated sunscreen for the best protection. You may understand that importance of applying sunscreen, but did you know that it must be used throughout the year? One of the places you are most likely to burn is your face because it is never covered by protective clothing. Read More »

Female Stress Urinary Incontinence: Causes and Treatment Therapies.

Incontinence isn’t a natural part of the ageing process, in fact incontinence can affect children as well as adults. Incontinence affects more than 50 million people worldwide. Although it’s seen as an “old persons” problem it isn’t something that is a natural right of passage when we get older. There are 3 different types of incontinence affecting a range of people: Urge Incontinence - Otherwise known as overactive bladder is when there is an increasing urge to urinate. There could literally be a three minute warning followed by accidental urine. This is a result of spasms in the bladder muscles. Not making it to the toilet in time can be embarrassing but urine leg bags can give you the confidence and peace of mind when you're out and about. Read More »

Excessive Caffeine ? Both Negative and Positive Health Side Effects.

Warning; excessive caffeine consumption is affecting your body negatively! Things like the jitters and insomnia are pretty commonly known when talking about excessive caffeine consumption, but there are some other side effects that you might be less familiar with. Caffeine has seriously negative side effects! (But also positive ones, too!)The way caffeine works is by blocking adenosine. If you haven’t heard of adenosine, don’t worry. The only thing you have to know about it is that it’s the chemical that tells your body when it’s tired and it needs rest. By blocking it, caffeine gives you that familiar burst of energy for up to a couple of hours after drinking it. However, blocking adenosine long-term is not good. It can lead to some pretty bad side effects Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes
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