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Buildings Of The Future – Why We Need To Think ‘Energy Efficient’.

Our planet is getting more and more crowded, and the strain on our Earth’s precious resources is becoming difficult to ignore. If current population growth trends continue then by 2050, the world’s population will have grown to more than 10 billion, with 70% of us living in cities. Maintaining our current standard of living with such a dense population will be difficult. Currently, old, inefficiently designed buildings consume around 40% of the world’s energy and result in more carbon emissions than the industrial and transportation sectors. This is simply not sustainable. We need to start making improvements to our architecture and infrastructure in order to protect our modern way of life. Read More »

The Dangers Of Anaesthetics: Fatal Consequences of Anaesthesia.

Eventually, we all need to visit a hospital to undergo a procedure where an anaesthetic is required. Most of us have a trouble free experience, but some people have a very bad reaction to general anaesthetic that has potentially fatal consequences. Other people suffer near fatal episodes that are a great worry for themselves and their families. Most cases, where a patient reacts badly to an anaesthetic are unfortunate, but unavoidable. In other cases, serious errors in judgement put patients at even more risk. Read More »

The Importance Of Detoxification In Treating Addictions.

There are thousands of individuals in the U.S. currently seeking treatment for their drug and alcohol addictions. Most drug addiction treatment centers will include detoxification as the first, and one of the most important, steps to their treatment program. This gives their patients the important base, and the start that they need to be able to find success. Some people who are starting on the path to fight their addictions and work toward recovery want to skip this crucial step. They want to get the process going, not "wasting time" on the detox step. They want to get started with their counseling and treatment. Read More »

Drug & Alcohol Detoxing: 5 Things You Need To Know About it.

Detoxing is an extremely important step for anyone trying to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol. It helps the addicted person to rid their body of the harmful substances that has held them prisoner for many years. In order to move forward with any successful drug or alcohol addiction treatment program, you must first undergo a detoxification process. If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol and you are wanting to seek out help to assist you in battling your addiction, understand that detoxification is going to have to be your first step in working to overcome your addiction. To help prepare you for this step of your recovery process, here are 5 things you need to know about drug & alcohol detoxing: Read More »

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter: What They Are & How They Work.

A sensor is positioned on the thin area of the person's body, normally a finger or ear, or perhaps in the situation of an infant, around a foot. Light of two various wavelengths is passed through the person to a photo detector. The modifying absorbance at intervals of of the wavelengths is calculated, allowing resolution of the absorbance’s as a result of pulsing arterial blood by itself, not including venous blood, bone, skin, fat, muscle, and generally nail polish. With this device it's possible to measure both "oxygenated" and "deoxygenated hemoglobin" on the peripheral scale. Read More »

What’s The Difference Between An Inhaler And A Nebulizer?

Nebulizers and inhalers are two various units used to provide relief or control and send asthma medications straight into the lungs. Read More »

Beauty And The Beach: Essential Tips For The Perfect Body.

When you hit the beach this summer, you’ll want to both look and feel great. In fact, you’ve probably already started planning your summer wardrobe and prepping your body for the beach. But you’ll also need to protect yourself from the sun and sea during your beachside stay. The heat, the chemicals and the wind can play havoc with your complexion, dry out your hair and leave you feeling exhausted. So here are some easy to follow tips to ensure that you return even more radiant than when you left. Read More »

Chiropractic Care For Personal Injuries: Personal Injury Lawyer Guide.

Victims of personal injury accidents often need help from injury lawyers to seek compensation for medical bills, missed time from work and pain and suffering. Often included in a recovery plan is chiropractic care. When patients undergo chiropractic care, they often have to visit the chiropractor multiple times a month or even, week. This can become quite costly, which is why it is important to be addressed during personal injury cases where compensation is being pursued. Read More »

Is Your Child Suffering From Sleep Problems?

Sleep is essential for everybody especially children. Babies up to teenagers need at least 9 hours of sleep. A lack of sleep may cause behavior and mood problems, learning, concentration and memory problems and slow reaction times that can lead to accidents and injuries. How do you identify if your child is suffering from a sleep problem? Here are a few signs and symptoms: Read More »

The Wine Guide-Brands, Flavors, and the Best Foods to Go with Them

If you’re new to the world of wine, you may feel like a lost needle in a haystack. There are so many different brands and flavors of wine, and you may not even know where to begin when it comes to consuming or purchasing wine. Although wine can be overwhelming at first, you can easily learn the basic facts to help you start to understand it all. Read More »

Five Supplements You Don’t Need: Myths About Supplements.

In our increasingly health-conscious society, supplements of essential vitamins and minerals are touted as a way to make sure you’re getting enough nutrients and improve your health. The truth is that a well-balanced, healthy diet that contains plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and lean protein should be sufficient enough for most. In particular, here are five supplements you really do not need to take, unless you have a special condition and are directed to by your doctor. Supplements can have bad interactions with other drugs, too, so never take them without consulting your physician first. Read More »

Edema- Tissue Fluid Retention: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment.

Edema- Tissue Fluid Retention Causes Symptoms And Treatment

Edema is mainly caused by the fluid retention that is in this situation the excess fluid is trapped in the tissues of the body. The Edema mostly occurs in the feet and also legs. The swelling occurs as a result of the accumulation of the excess fluid which is found under the skin in the spaces which is within the tissues. All the tissues of the body are therefore made up of cells and the connective tissues are the ones which are responsible for holding the cells together. All these connective tissues around the cells and blood vessels are known as interstitium. The body’s organs have basically the interstitial spaces which accumulated the fluid very easily. And so the accumulation of fluid mainly in the interstitial air spaces in the lungs basically occurs in a disorder which is termed as pulmonary edema. The term Anasarca mainly refers to the severe and widespread accumulation of the fluid in all the tissues and also cavities and that too at the same time as a matter of fact. Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes
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