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Tips To Tighter Abs Before Spring. Keeping Fit and Healthy.

Spring is just around the corner, meaning that it’s soon going to be time when the bulky layers will come off and you’ll start to show a bit more skin. You’ll have to put in a bit of work if you want to fit into the same bikini you did last year, especially after all that delicious Thanksgiving and Christmas food that you ate. Tightening up your abs before spring is the way to go, so here are some things that you can do: Read More »

Go Green,Better Insurance: How Going Green Lowers your Insurance Costs.

The Eco bandwagon is now part of the domain of the insurance industry. The industry is rewarding green homes and green cars. You can now cover your house and car by purchasing “green” policies. If your home is destroyed in a fire, earthquake or other such disaster, upcoming policies will pay to rebuild a green home for you. If you purchase a hybrid car or drive less, your insurance company will make sure you benefit for it. Read More »

Autoclaves And Sterilizers And Why They Affect You!

Many of us are aware of the importance of cleanliness and in some cases sterilisation within a range of industries yet many would be unaware of the tools used to carry out these essential procedures so effectively. This article takes a look at the widespread use of Autoclaves across a range of industries for the sterilisation of equipment. Read More »

Keep The House Warm And Not The Planet.

Winters all over the globe are getting harsher and colder. More snow and rain does mean that we are turning up our thermostats for longer and up to higher temperatures just to keep our homes and businesses comfortable. We are buying more logs for our wood burners and generally doing all we can to keep warm through the winter months that we now know will get more extreme weather and generally be less comfortable than in recent years. With the cost of living seemingly forever increasing and our salaries remaining pretty stagnant, we have to make do more and more in our daily lives. Unfortunately, keeping our buildings at safe temperatures is not something we can compromise on easily. Of course we can wear more clothes indoors and leave the heating off just a little longer but for those who live in the coldest areas of our country that is not sufficient. Read More »

Drug Free Pain Therapy: How to Avoid the Pharmaceutical Fix.

For any long term sufferer of painful neck, joint, muscle or back pain, the options for pain relief are limited. Physiotherapy can help with some conditions – particularly back pain – while many people rely on a heady cocktail of prescribed or over the counter drugs. For those with rheumatic pains or arthritis this reliance on pain management drugs is not something that they particularly enjoy. The relief from pain is great, but reliance on drugs can lead to complications. In recent years one drug free alternative to hit the market has been the TENS machine. So what exactly is this type of machine, how does it work and does it work? Read More »

5 Green Vegetables That Will Save Your Life.

Eating green vegetables and other nutrient-dense green foods such as spirulina, wheat grass, blue green algae, sea vegetables and seaweed (a.k.a. “superfoods”) can give us large amounts of the vitamins and minerals we need to stay healthy and strong. Chlorophyll, which we learned in grade school science class is what gives plants their green color, also happens to be quite similar in molecular structure to human blood. Isn’t that amazing? The same pigment oxygenating the plants in your yard can also help oxygenate your blood. But first, you have to get that green goodness into your body. Read More »

Common Mistakes In Food Storage: Common Food Storage Mistakes.

Do you remember when Y2K was just around the corner and had many people worried about how our lives might be affected? More recently, many watched to see what the end of the year 2012 would bring. You might not be a doomsayer awaiting the Apocalypse, but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from having food storage. Many people have found that keeping and using food storage has been money-saving and even life-saving in times of job loss, natural disasters or other real life events. However, before you run out and buy several 50 pound bags of wheat, consider some of these common food storage mistakes. Read More »

Eight Creative Ways To Get Fruit Into Your Child’s Diet.

Getting your kids to eat what you want them to is oftentimes a challenge. “Healthy” doesn’t matter to them so much as “delicious.” Luckily, most children enjoy different types of fruit, because they’re mostly very sweet. Children ages 2-3 should eat one cup of fruit daily. Children ages 4-8 should eat one-and-a-half cups of fruit daily. Children ages 9-13 should eat two-and-a-half-cups of fruit daily. But what if your child doesn’t want to? Here are some easy, creative ways to get sneak fruit into their diet. Read More »

What is Lead Poisoning in Children – What You Need to Know!

Although safety regulations across the United States have cut down on the number of cases of lead poisoning that are reported each year, the potential for this deadly illness still exists. Unfortunately, many people still come into contact with lead on a regular basis, and some of these cases even involve children. Read More »

Grow A Herb Garden And Grow Your Income: Farming Business.

If you’re like most people, you probably find that it’s getting more difficult to make your pay cheque last a full month. What with inflation, dicey job markets and a global economy that is still in bad shape, it might be a good idea to start exploring ways to make extra money. Blowing your bread and milk money on slot machines is not a good idea, but starting your own little home business is. You might think that you need a special talent to start a cottage industry, like exceptional baking skills or a winning way with sewing machines, but that is not necessarily true. If you have a garden, you can put it to good use by planting a herbs and reaping the rewards of what you sow. Read More »

Natto as Your Vitamin K Source; The Forgotten Vitamin.

It is unfortunate that vitamin K has become the “forgotten vitamin” – nearly everyone is deficient in it, much like most people do not get enough vitamin D, according to top vitamin K researcher Dr. Cees Vermeer. While most people do get adequate vitamin K from the food they eat to maintain sufficient blood clotting, their levels are not enough for protective effects against a number of health concerns. You should know that vitamin K comes in two forms: K1, which is found in green vegetables and goes to your liver directly and assists in healthy blood clotting, and K2, which is in high amounts in your gut but is merely passed out in your stool. Vitamin K2 goes not only to your liver, but also your vessel walls, bones, and tissues. Read More »

Is Breast Augmentation Safe?: Breast Health and Cosmetic Boob Jobs.

There are plenty of myths and negative stigma surrounding cosmetic procedures. Those who may be considering a cosmetic procedure like breast augmentation shouldn't put the idea of it to bed just because of rumors and myths that say the surgery isn't safe. With a little research, prospective patients can find that breast augmentation is a safe procedure and learn more about the surgery before they make a final decision. Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes
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