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What is Lead Poisoning in Children – What You Need to Know!

Although safety regulations across the United States have cut down on the number of cases of lead poisoning that are reported each year, the potential for this deadly illness still exists. Unfortunately, many people still come into contact with lead on a regular basis, and some of these cases even involve children. Read More »

Natto as Your Vitamin K Source; The Forgotten Vitamin.

It is unfortunate that vitamin K has become the “forgotten vitamin” – nearly everyone is deficient in it, much like most people do not get enough vitamin D, according to top vitamin K researcher Dr. Cees Vermeer. While most people do get adequate vitamin K from the food they eat to maintain sufficient blood clotting, their levels are not enough for protective effects against a number of health concerns. You should know that vitamin K comes in two forms: K1, which is found in green vegetables and goes to your liver directly and assists in healthy blood clotting, and K2, which is in high amounts in your gut but is merely passed out in your stool. Vitamin K2 goes not only to your liver, but also your vessel walls, bones, and tissues. Read More »

Five Supplements You Don’t Need: Myths About Supplements.

In our increasingly health-conscious society, supplements of essential vitamins and minerals are touted as a way to make sure you’re getting enough nutrients and improve your health. The truth is that a well-balanced, healthy diet that contains plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and lean protein should be sufficient enough for most. In particular, here are five supplements you really do not need to take, unless you have a special condition and are directed to by your doctor. Supplements can have bad interactions with other drugs, too, so never take them without consulting your physician first. Read More »

Evidence That Chocolate can Reduce Your Chances of Stroke.

The idea that chocolate can indeed reduce your chances of having a stroke is going to be music to the ears of so many people around the world. The only thing is, the amount of it that you need to take in order to reduce the chances is smaller than you think and this may indeed be a disappointment, but the question does remain as to how something we love so much can actually cut the odds of having a stroke. Read More »

Tips on How to Have More Energy and Ways to Enjoy Life More.

Being energetic or otherwise is something that can have a profound impact on our ability to enjoy and appreciate life. Most of us think we have enough energy and so it’s something we don’t tend to notice, but when you do find yourself with an energy lull, or somehow getting an energy boost it can make a huge and very noticeable difference. Not only does it alter how much energy you have to go out and do things, but it affects how fully you are able to enjoy them, your mood and even your eating habits. Here then we will look at some ways you can increase your energy; if you have low energy then these techniques may help you to live a more normal life, but even if you don’t you may be surprised by the benefits. Read More »

Mangosteen Health Benefits, Nutritious Fruit Heals Diseases

Mangosteen Health Benefits, Nutritious Fruit Heals Diseases

The Mangosteen, a tropical evergreen fruit is a deep reddish purple when ripe. The rind, its exocarp, is not edible but the endocarp, the inner layer of the ovary is. It is sweet, juicy and fibrous in its taste. A remarkable fruit from South East Asia, it is legendary for its abundance in health benefits. Powerful antioxidants found in the rind, the pericap, of this amazing fruit called Xanthones are abundant providing benefits to the health and wellness of our bodies. The fruit contains 43, fourty three, different Xanthones each with its own unique health promoting qualities. Identified as the most exciting scientific discovery in the health and wellness field in several decades, it promotes benefits that prevent or reduces the effects of several diseases. With a combination of nutrients that include Energy, carbohydrates, sugars, dietary fibers, fat, protein and water, here are some of the health benefits of the Mangosteen fruit. Read More »

Muscle Protein Synthesis; Protein Intake Limit for Exercise Enthusiast.

It has long been debated the amount of protein the body can digest / process in any given meal (especially among exercise enthusiasts). There is good reason as well. The debate effects practical protein intake recommendations for athletes, cyclists and bodybuilders, through to armature weightlifters and beyond. Shedding some light on the matter is the A to Z of Nutritional Supplements" series in the British Journal of Sports Medicine (the part on protein was co-authored by no one else but Stuart Phillips). According to the chapter, "current scientific evidence" suggests that : Read More »

Introducing the Vemma Nutrition Program™ ; Verve Energy Drink™; MLM.

Vemma provides a powerful liquid formula that makes it easy to get the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants you need to form a solid nutritional foundation.* It is more bioavailable than caplets or tablets, easy to take and tastes great. It takes about... Read More »

The Essential Minerals and Vitamins your Body Needs and How Much. (2).

We’ve all heard the term ‘vitamins and minerals’ in regard to health. Most people are well-informed about vitamins and know the basics about them. But what about that other word? This is the second of a two-part post exploring what minerals are essential for your body, what happens when you get too much or too little of them and where you get them from. Read More »

Reasons Vaccinations Still Matter; Vaccinate Your Child From Diseases.

In this age of medical miracles and vaccinations, many childhood diseases are a thing of the past. Measles, mumps and rubella don’t claim lives the way they used to. Out of sight and out of mind, it becomes easy for parents to forget that these diseases once maimed and even killed children. They start feeling that the immunizations aren’t really important, and they refuse to have their children vaccinated. However, the CDC reports that immunizations remain incredibly important as long as the diseases exist anywhere in the world. Read More »

The Essential Minerals and Vitamins your Body Needs and How Much. (1).

We’ve all heard the term ‘vitamins and minerals’ in regard to health. Most people are fairly well informed about vitamins and know the basics about them. But what about that other word? Minerals, which are not produced naturally in the body, play a vital role in the body’s metabolic functions. Your body needs a good balance of minerals. Having too much or too little of these important substances in the body can lead to severe health conditions. Here are some important minerals that the body needs and what they do. Read More »

Vitamin B12 Deficiency: Causes and Sources of Vitamin Nutrition.

Here are the basic things you need to know about vitamin B12 deficiency: its surprising causes, the odds that you are already B12 deficient, the signs and symptoms, and what you can do to raise your B12 to healthy levels. Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes
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