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Posture: How and Why it’s Important; Improving Posture and Ergonomics

Chin up! Shoulders back! Suck in that stomach! Those seem like instructions from an ornery drill instructor (or, depending on your upbringing, a strict mom or dad), but that doesn't mean that we should just ignore them. In fact, as our work days have started to revolve more and more around sitting at desks staring at computers, the importance of having good posture has come to the forefront. Most of us already know that bad posture can lead to muscle aches and pains and stiff joints, but there are lots of things that you might not know. Read More »

Reasons for Weight Loss and Fat Loss Failures; Overweight and Overfat.

Why do more than 99% of all dieters fail to achieve their weight loss goals? Especially considering the fact that nearly all diets (even the most ridiculous sounding ones) allow dieters to at least lose weight if not attain actual fat loss. Would it surprise you to know that many experts on the subject of weight loss suggest that food is arguably the most addictive substance in the world? Read More »

Summer Sports and Workouts, Avoiding Risks to Remain Healthy.

In summer, it was more time for sports but if one thinks he is a champion and never lead the rest of the year, his muscles and tendons will not appreciate! So here are some tips for getting back to sport in summer safely. Resume a sport in summer: yes, but with caution! Time, space and foolproof motivation to get fit: it's good, but it is not everything. In sports, it's not because we want, it’s because we can! Read More »

Easy Weight Loss Tips, Ideas and Programs That you Were Looking For!

Easy weight loss ideas that are practical. Here are simple programs that will help you reduce and fight over fat and overweight. Read More »

How and Why Autistic Children Benefit from Imaginative Play.

Autism is a thoroughly debated and studied condition, and the symptoms and severity of symptoms vary so much that the condition has sparked many arguments. Theories have been devised regarding its causes and effects, and still there is no conclusive evidence for the reliability of such theories. However, this article is not intended to discuss such arguments, or to imply that we understand the condition as a whole; it is purely a discussion on the positive effects that seem to appear through imaginative play - from developing social skills, to enhancing concentration. Read More »

Over fat or Over weight; Choosing a Healthy Weight Loss Program.

Before you begin any exercise or weight loss program, there are several factors you should consider. These factors determine your expectations, your health and the results you are seeking by exercising. Now, you should consider; If done improperly, it could result in health complications such as injuries, infections and fatalities such as heart attacks. Read More »

Overweight and Over Fat;10 Health Tips for a Obesity Free Lifestyle.

A lot of times we are occupied with work or other activities to have a good healthy workout. Without knowing, we become overweight or over fat and so you have to do something about that. What do you do? Here are a few steps you should embrace to eliminate overweight and over fat conditions and complications. Read More »

Overweight and Over fat; Preventing and Managing Obesity Causes.

You have overly heard that one is overweight or has excess fat. Have you ever wondered what those two terms; overweight and over fat mean from a medical or health professional perspective? What about being obese and/or being referred to as fat? There are several factors that lead to overweight and over fat. Here are the causes with how to avoid them. Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes
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