Electronic Cigarettes Are Fantastic Smoking Alternatives – Why Get Rid Of Them?

The wheels are in motion but just how far will the powers that be go to limit our enjoyment of electronic cigarettes? The dreaded revision to the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) was published on 19 December 2012. Never before had it featured electronic cigarettes as a nicotine containing product (NCP). Briefly, what the TPD would do is to allow the sale of electronic cigarettes containing up to 4mg/ml of nicotine subject to certain labelling restrictions. Above this concentration would not be allowed to be sold or at the very least would require very difficult to obtain authorisation (as a medical product). Read More »

Bathroom Technology That Will Pamper You!

Bathroom technology has reached new heights and it combines simplicity, luxury and relaxation, all in one pampered package. Let’s take a sneak peek at some techy toys that will make you want to remain in the bathroom far longer than you should. The word ‘bathroom break’ will take on a whole new meaning. Read More »

Helping Children Understand And Learn From Technology.

Technology, and the ability to use it effectively, has become an essential part of daily life. Parents who recognize this fact are acting to teach their children how to use technology and to integrate it into other learning activities. Skill and comfort with modern technology can certainly put young students a step ahead of their age group. However, a number of questions present themselves. Children should get an early start with technology, but how young is too young? What technologies are effective teaching tools, yet safe for children to use? How should technology be balanced with other activities? Sorting out these questions depends on your particular family or classroom, but this article will help you think through the issues while providing examples of technology-based education. Read More »

Can Analogue Music Compete In This Digital Age?

If you happened to mention analogue music to anyone born post 2000, they would probably look at you with disdain, after all analogue music is from way back in the past…isn’t it? In truth, even though digital music has been taking over since 1983 and it can often seem like we’ve only ever lived in a digital world, analogue music is still remembered fondly. Read More »

How Technology Can Help You Lose Weight.

It is easy to blame technology on the trend for obesity in our culture. After all, many kids are no longer playing outside because they are parked out on the living room couch playing video games--and the same is true for college students and adults alike. Our televisions give us an excuse to sit on the sofa for hours each night, while our cars keep us from walking to and from work and play each day. But are there ways that technology can actually help us achieve healthier weights? With the growing need for weight-loss strategies and our growing dependence on technology, the two have come together in many helpful formats. We explore just a sampling of the many ways that you can lose some weight with the help of technology. Read More »

What You Should Know About Your AC System.

Since heating and cooling accounts for 45 percent of total energy used in the average home, keeping your AC system in good shape can save you money on utility bills. Taking good care of your system can also lower repair costs and extend the life of your AC equipment. Knowing a little about AC system troubleshooting and maintenance can make that job much easier. Read More »

Protecting Our Seniors From Identity Theft Offline and Online.

Our patriarchs and matriarchs are reminders of where we have come from and where we will one day arrive. We love them and respect how hard they've worked. They deserve to enjoy their retirement, but we have a responsibility to help them stay safe. No one wants to be told that they're making bad choices or that they're taking dangerous risks. However, protecting our seniors from identity theft is important. We all live in the same digital world, but they're especially vulnerable to its threats. With the right information and a caring attitude, we can empower them to protect their personal information and online identity. Read More »

If You Lose Your Smartphone: 3 Most Important Safety steps to Do.

We have grown so dependent on having the world in the palm of our hands these days that most of us flinch at the mere idea of separation from our mobile devices. Board meetings and plane flights seem to last an eternity without our beloved Smartphones. The thought of losing an iPhone, even for an hour or two, causes most of us to react with horror. Although the world might not exactly come to an end if you do misplace your Smartphone, the consequences could be quite dire. The ramifications of a lost or stolen phone run deeper than that momentary feeling of boredom when you cannot access your Twitter feed. You could actually end up with identity theft problems or with the real issue of having a stranger gain access to your personal pictures, emails, and records. We offer a handy list of things to do (besides panic) if your phone ever goes missing. Read More »

Online security and Protection for Children – A Guide for Parents.

The Internet has revolutionised our lives and the only way to go is forward. Thanks to the World Wide Web, we can now gain access to almost anything we care to think of, and connect with almost anyone we wish. Such a powerful tool does come with dangers, however, especially for web-savvy children who’ve grown up with the Internet. Whether you’re a parent or a teacher, it should be a top priority to ensure that your children can go online and be completely safe. Here are some tips to help you achieve this. Read More »

Music Industry: How to Use Technology to Establish Yourself.

Preparation is essential for success in any industry and particularly in the often competitive world of entertainment. It doesn't matter if you're merely a busker trying to get a few dollars tossed into your instrument case while you play on a street corner, or if you have your sights set on a major festival, where you could be seen in front of an audience of thousands. You can't expect to be successful over a sustained period if you go about things in a haphazard way. Perhaps your friends and family members are already well aware of what you're capable of, but if you genuinely want to break into the mainstream and become more popular, it's time to start marketing yourself in a meaningful way. Read More »

Cloud Computing Types and Services; How It Works for Business.

Cloud computing, cloud solutions and cloud IT may all be terms you have heard a lot recently, but do you know what they mean? Cloud computing can be extremely beneficial for both business and home networks, so it is important to understand what it can do for you. Read More »

Printer and Toner Cartilage: Tips on Maintaining and Cleaning.

As with any other hardware within the office, your printer is going to needed some tender loving care if you want to keep it up and running for longer. Most of the problems that cause to printer failure and breakdowns are tiny maintenance issues, which were not taken care of early enough, and they became full-blown problems. Just a little regular maintenance of the machine could help you avoid all these problems. Seeing as your printer is an essential part of your office hardware, take a little time to learn how to care for it properly and you will certainly not regret it. Here are some tips to get you started. Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes
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