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Lady/Woman Playing Golf: Top 5 Fashion Essentials For The Lady Golfer

You can bet that if there are ladies involved in the sport, then there would be fashion do’s and don’ts involved. Golf is not excluded. It is actually one of the perfect sports for you as a lady as it does not involve too much physical involvement, you can work your outfit to the full! Considering you will be playing out in the field on warm sunny days, and in a posh golf club to cap it all off, you better look good! Read More »

Laser Eye Treatment: 7 Main Benefits For Your Beauty and Health.

When someone with defective vision tries to compare laser eye surgery with other ways of improving their site, the first thing they ask is what laser eye treatment can do for them that the others can’t. Read More »

My Breast Looks Funny: What Can Go Wrong With Implants Surgery.

My Breast Looks Funny What Can Go Wrong With Implants Surgery.

There are several things that can go wrong after Breast Augmentation with the implant itself. These often are most noticeable because of physical discomfort or because the breast simply looks wrong. Luckily, most of these are both fairly harmless and easily corrected complications. Unfortunately, they usually need additional cosmetic surgeries. Read More »

Laser Resurfacing Skin Surgery Procedure: How To Look Years Younger.

Why would anyone think about having laser resurfacing done? There are various reasons for choosing this procedure. It is presumptuous to think everyone who has this done must be vain. Getting better looking skin can be an important marketing tool for you. If you are in a highly competitive job situation, you will use every avenue available to you to stay in your position and even more, to advance. Looking better gives you an edge over another person equally qualified. Self-confidence is another reason to have your skin smooth and even toned. Scars and liver spots can be greatly diminished with laser treatments. Read More »

Cosmetic Beauty Products Health Side Effects. Why You Should Avoid.

Beauty seems to be the most sought after want/need of the human race. Apparently, everyone is in search of something beautiful; a beautiful life, soul, partner, house, car, child or skin, the list is endless. What do you think beauty is? How deep would you dig to feel beautiful? Before using these products, have you considered the health implications, effects on you and your lifestyle, their advantages and disadvantages? Read More »

Tattoos: The Health Risks and Side Effects and Removal of Body Art.

Tattooing has several health risks that may affect you. Using ink, made from soluble minerals such as mercury, lead and cadmium, the skin is pierced using needles according to the design/portrait/image you choose to embed on it. With every tattoo being of different size, shape and detail, the method of removal varies. Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes
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