Cardiovascular Diseases. Types, Causes, Signs, Symptoms and Treatment.

Though the heart cannot manifest a person’s love life, it can show how one died and how one lived too.

Think of a car engine; what affects it and how you can diagnose its problem and actually find how long that problem has persisted. The heart works relentlessly throughout your life. It requires a lot of maintenance, unless you are planning on undergoing a transplant and have it replaced. Taking care of the heart is essential or it will simply stop.

Recent studies show that cardiac disease related deaths are on a rising trend, and not only to the old as the myth suggests, but also affecting the younger generations. Heart diseases are considered epidemic as they cause more deaths than road accidents in some countries.

Diseases that affect the heart are usually gradual in their development. Most of them are a result of inappropriate lifestyle choices such as alcohol consumption and lack of adequate physical exercise. The tragedy that accompanies cardiac related diseases is that those persons that are have a cardiovascular disease, do not realize it until they have a fatal manifestation such as a heart attack.

Cardiovascular diseases. Coronary risk factors, causes, signs, symptoms, treatment and management. Here are some of the carhdiovascular diseases, their causes signs and symptoms.

Cardiac failure. This is the inability of the heart to pump blood. It is as a result of a deficiencies and excess fluids in the blood that weaken the heart. The fluids in the blood are caused by kidney malfunction. This condition is fatal and is usually preceded by other cardiovascular diseases.

Palpitation. This is the alteration of the heart beat rhythm. Palpitation is caused by toxins such as those found in alcohol, coffee, tobacco and other heart degenerates. These toxins overwork the heart and if not treated, palpitation can lead to heart failure or cardiac arrest.

Angina pectoris. This is the narrowing of the arteries. This condition affects the coronary arteries and it is characterized by pain in the left side of the chest. Signs and symptoms of Angina pectoris are not easily noticeable and are easily dismissive. They are usually experienced after some physical effort or intense emotion. It can develop into myocardial infection.

Myocardial infarction or condition is the complete blocking of the arteries. This is fatal as it is not reversible.

Thrombosis. This is the clotting of the blood in narrowed arteries altering blood flow. The arteries are usually narrowed as a result of blockage by toxic materials, cholesterol and fibrous tissues.  When the arteries are blocked, usually there is no pain and thus the condition is only realized in the event of a fatal condition.

Cardiovascular diseases are considered lifestyle diseases. They are a result of inappropriate lifestyle and health choices. These choices include inadequate physical exercises, overconsumption of alcohol, substance abuse, unhealthy dietary habits and lack of adequate sleep and rest.

Though the heart works full-time through your life, it requires and it does rest regularly. Choices that over work your heart and deny it rest only degenerate it. Whenever the arteries are blocked, they make the heart to work more to pump blood through the pressurized passages.

Lack of physical exercise and regularly too, influences the development of cardiac related diseases. This is because your body accumulates all the calories that it does not use and store them as fat. These fat deposits block arteries leading to conditions that lead to severe diseases.

You should do some personal examination but still have regular checkups with your physician. Have you ever attempted to run a 100 meter sprint and what was the experience like? In today’s world, majority of people cannot finish that same 100 meters due to various reasons related to cardiac diseases. Simply their heart cannot pump blood at the rate that the rest of the body requires.

Can your heart do so?

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