Car Tyre Maintenance; Stop Spending a Fortune and Destroying the Earth.

It is all very well to spend all day washing and polishing your lovely car but is there a part of it you are maybe forgetting about for long periods of time? It is easy to overlook the importance of our vehicle’s tyres but doing so can be a dangerous and costly business.

There are some very good reasons for looking after your tyres and I have to confess that I haven’t always been aware of them in the past, although I know now that there is no excuse for not being aware in the future.

Car Tyre Maintenance; Stop Spending a Fortune and Destroying the Earth.Here are some of the top reasons to give them as much loving care as the paintwork or the seats.

Avoid Being a Nervous Wreck on the Hard Shoulder

The most harrowing driving experience I have ever had was when one of my tyres blew out on the motorway. If I am being honest I had known for a while that I had been driving around with a dodgy tyre. For some reason which I forget now I had ended up with 3 smart new tyres and one horrible looking old one on my car. I kept meaning to get it changed but for one reason or another I kept putting it off over and over.

When the old thing finally gave up the ghost I really thought that I was going to meet my maker and all because I hadn’t bothered changing a worn tyre in time. Thankfully the motorway was unusually quiet that day and I managed to guide the car onto the hard shoulder, where I collapsed on top of the driving wheel feeling like a nervous wreck and perhaps even blubbering incoherently just a little.

Ever since then I have developed a rather annoying habit of kicking my tyres before I climb into the car and drive off. Although my wife finds it annoying,  it helps reassure me that they are still in good enough condition for the trip I am about to make.

Winter Is Coming

I had never used winter tyres until a few years back and I was amazed at the difference they made to my confidence when I was driving. I had always thought that they were only necessary in the Arctic and Alaska and places like that but it turns out that they are suited to any sort of cold and wet conditions.

My family’s house is on a steep hill and I used to hate driving up or down it in the worst of the winter months. In fact, I sometimes used to park down on the main road and walk up to the house just to avoid driving up there, which meant falling on my rear end a few times when the street was really slippery. Now I feel as though I can get a better grip on the road in cold conditions and don’t need to risk a bruised bottom when I visit my parents.

Save Money and Save the Planet

I thought that it was a joke when I first read that inflating your tyres properly could help you save money and save the planet as well. It seems that it is true though. The reason for this is that you use more fuel when your tyres aren’t properly pumped up, as the engine has to worker that bit harder to push the vehicle forward.

I guess it makes sense when you think about it and it seems that the saving you make could add up to a couple of hundred pounds a year in some cases. Of course, if you are using less fuel then as well as saving some cash you are also doing less damage to the environment as well. If you have never thought about it in this way then it is time to pump up those tyres.

Your kids might get fed up with you stopping to check the tyre pressure now and then but tell them you are doing it for their future benefit, just like the compost toilet you are planning to fit next week.

Don’t Keep Changing Them

If you don’t look after your tyre pressure then they will probably wear out more quickly than they need to do, costing you even more money. This is because they are more likely to get damaged and need to be changed than ones which are properly pumped up.

As with any other part of your car, it isn’t enough to just wait for your MOT to come round for the local mechanic to check it out. You should take the initiative and do regular checks on all parts of it including the tyres. You will feel a lot safer going out driving this way and you might be surprised to see how much cash you can also save yourself in the long run.

By checking constantly on the Tyres on the Drive, you can make sure that your car will be safe and in great condition in all weather’s; even when the seasons are tough on us.

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