Canary Islands: Holiday Destination for Families with Babies and Toddlers

Are you looking to book the perfect family holiday? New parents with a baby and struggling to find a suitable destination? Want to find a vacation spot that is safe and suitable for toddlers?

From finding the perfect accommodation to navigating busy airport queues, as a young family, planning your first holiday overseas can be stressful. If you are currently trying to book your getaway, read these family holiday tips and consider the following reasons as to why the Canary Islands could be your perfect location.

Choice of Beaches

As a small cluster of volcanic islands, the Canaries are known for their vast expanses of beach – 1,500km in total. Some are a favorite with water sport enthusiasts and are good for wind surfing, making them a haven for older kids who want to take a scuba diving lesson, others are peaceful with shallow water that stretches for hundreds of meters. These peaceful waters mean you can relax, keep your toddler safe and have fun as a family.

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Fantastic Weather

Unlike many other holiday spots, the Canary Islands are popular all year long. The reason for this is the climate, with the average temperature in august sitting comfortably at 25 degrees Celsius, and a median January temperature of 17 degrees. Of course, you will still need to apply plenty of sun cream, but the lower temperatures are great for little ones who are not used to the heat.

Selection of Locations

Consisting of 7 large and several other smaller islands, the Canaries can promise fun-filled family holidays for years to come. You may start out with Tenerife, which leaves the likes of Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura left to be discovered.

Each island offers something different, meaning you can return to the Canaries year after year and enjoy a completely new holiday experience. The Islands boast a huge amount of activities from water sports and whale watching, to hiking and nature reserves, making them perfect for children of all ages.

Easy and Convenient

Travel can be a tiring experience for young children, especially because it takes them out of their daily routine. While a flight time of 4 hours may seem unappealing, the bonus with the Canary Islands is no time difference from the UK, so you know that when you arrive at your hotel or villa (Tots to Travel Limited have a great selection), you can quickly restore your little one to normality.

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