Breathe Easier: Dust Reducing Guide.

Every home and every surface accumulate dust. It comes in the form of tiny particles which may be hair, cloth fibres, skin cells, pet dander, dirt and many other bits. It is impossible to eliminate dust entirely from your life, but there surely are many ways to reduce it drastically. Too much dust can result in a variety of health problems, mostly allergies. This calls for immediate measures.

Breathe Easier: Dust Reducing Guide.To avoid breathing in so much particles and bits, you can follow some of the steps we provide below. They will help you reduce dust at home. Take a look.

Vacuum more often

If you are planning to buy a new vacuum machine, we recommend you choose one that has a HEPA filter. This stands for high-efficiency particulate air and means that such a machine has the ability to suck up a lot of dust, a lot more than normal vacuums can. When it comes to the frequency of vacuuming the house, we suggest you do this twice a week.

Start by vacuuming the carpets. They tend to accumulate a lot of dust. Not to mention, they also gather pet hair, dirt, human hair and other particles brought from outside through the open windows or by you.

Pay special attention to corners and the space under the sofa. Don’t forget to vacuum the floor, especially if it is made of wood.

Sweep and mop the floors regularly

Using a dustpan and a broom, make sure you remove all the dust and dirt that builds up on the floor. Do this every few days to make sure that no dust is able to accumulate on the “high-traffic” surfaces. This method can be used if you don’t like vacuuming so often.
When sweeping, be sure to cover areas such as hallways, doorways and the kitchen floor. When you are done, toss out the broom or dust pan into the rubbish bin. This will prevent it from reentering your household.

Another way to collect dust is to use a wet mop. Just go over the floors with it and you will reduce the dust significantly. You can actually combine sweeping and mopping. First should be sweeping and then mopping. This will help you keep all dust under control.

Use microfiber cloths

The best part about microfiber is that they can trap the dust once it sticks to the fabric and hold it there. Unlike towels or old T-shirts that only move particles around, microfiber cloths can really absorb dust. Your house might look dust-free but the dust will still be there, mocking at you.

Cloths can help you dust surfaces like cupboards, desk, tables, countertops and side tables. Don’t forget to wash the cloth afer use. This will remove all the dust that has absorbed into the fabric and prevent it from going back into the air.

Filter the air

If you have a central system in the house to cool and heat the air, you can control the levels of dust by replacing the filters with new. You can also clean the filters now and then to make sure that no dust is circulating in the air.

Another way of reducing dust is to use an air purifier. The way these machines work is by trapping the dust. This method is great for families with members suffering from allergies. Get an air purifier for every room that you spend more time in.





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