My Breast Looks Funny: What Can Go Wrong With Implants Surgery.

There are several things that can go wrong after Breast Augmentation with the implant itself. These often are most noticeable because of physical discomfort or because the breast simply looks wrong. Luckily, most of these are both fairly harmless and easily corrected complications. Unfortunately, they usually need additional cosmetic surgeries.

My Breast Looks Funny What Can Go Wrong With Implants Surgery.Implant Displacement

Silicone and Saline breast implants can both travel inside the breast after cosmetic surgery. They can move in any direction up, down, left and right. If the movement is small, you probably won’t even be aware of its displacement. If the move is great, placing it seriously out of alignment with the center of breast, then chances are your doctor will recommend additional surgery, to put it back where it belongs. The larger the implant, the more likely that it will travel, specifically down from its original position


An abnormality of the breast implant, called rippling or wrinkling, gives the visible impression that the skin of your breast has waves, like the ocean. This problem is far more common in saline implants than in silicone, and happens because the fluid can shift around inside the implant and change its shape within the breast. It only causes a real problem if it occurs at the top of the breast because it is a visual flaw. When it happens, it limits your wardrobe because it is so visible to onlookers that when you wear anything low-cut is will cause you an embarrassment. This, like leakage, is primarily a problem when an implant is under filled, or when the shell of an implant is textured and not smooth. It is also more likely to occur if the implant was placed over the muscle, or if the patient is very thin. There is no treatment for rippling except replacing the existing implant with a new one. But this process cannot go forever!

Avoid rippling or wrinkling

An implant is undeniably a foreign entity but the goal in a breast augmentation is to achieve desired result without being able to detect the edge of the implant, especially near the underarms. There are ways to reduce the chance of rippling after a breast augmentation process.

  • Don’t be too thin or too big
  • Give preference to the Silicone Breast implants
  • Ask your surgeon about ACDM (Acellular Dermal Matrix)
  • Choose under muscle placement
  • Develop more muscles to avoid detecting or any physical visibility of your implant
  • Avoid lifting of heavy objects, especially when you are in the recovery stage
  • Exercising is needed but try to do any exercises that may cause physical stress to the breasts.

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