Best Data Recovery Software To Recover Lost Data Back

If you’re a heavy mobile user that carries a tablet, smartphone and laptop with you, then you know that you are very dependent on the devices to function as it should. Any malfunction of any of the device would mean days or sometimes weeks of headache, that’s where you’re going to need a good file recovery software that can take your pain away.

Best Data Recovery Software To Recover Lost Data BackIntroducing EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard which not only can take care of your android data recovery, it definitely can perform a file recovery software as well. It is a completely safe, effective and user-friendly file recovery software that provides a very reliable data recovery system for your smartphone and tablet. It enables recovery of an unlimited file types from any devices due to accidental deletion or formatting, from a partition loss or partition that is unable to access, virus attack or for any other reasons. All it takes are just 3 simple steps and you’re already on your way of performing a hard drive data recovery.

Once you have installed the software, launch the program and as soon as it starts, it will automatically perform a Quick Scan on all your hard drives, lost hard drives as well as storage devices to find for any lost files in just a few seconds. Once that is completed, you can first of all preview the files before opting to restore it. If you can’t find the files that you are looking for, then you may proceed with a Deep Scan to check your connected devices sector by sector to find all the missing or hidden files.

It applies to all data loss situation and all devices. You can perform android data recovery on your gadgets to recover any lost images, documents, videos, music, emails or other file types. It can be done under any data loss situation and is able to recover data from either your PC, laptop, hard drive, USB drive, SD card or memory card, digital cameras or other form of storage media. It also supports large hard drive of up to 8 Terabytes.

The file recovery software is also very flexible, precise and saves you a lot of time. This is especially true if you already know what file is missing and where is the last location of the missing file, so that you can specify exactly the file type before scanning for a very precise searching results. There’s also an option to pause and restart the scanning process later when you have the time. By having a preview option, you can check the file details and the quality of the file before deciding to recover the file or not. Then you can filter your search by file name, type or even date to find the files more quickly. Once the scanning finishes, you can also save the scanning result so that the result can be imported if ever you want to perform any hard drive recovery in the future without having to run the scan all over again.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional can be had for $69.95 USD for a single user license and is backed by a 30 days money back guarantee. There’s also a free version for the hard drive data recovery software which you can download, install and try it out before deciding to make a purchase.

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