Best 6 Tips for Shopping Home Security Cameras

Security has almost become a prime necessity of our lives. Hence, keeping this aspect in mind people are switching to various forms of security gadgets like home security camerasor CCTV cameras, home alarms and many more. This is definitely going to help in the safety of your house as if it all any burglary or crime takes place in your house or your office then you can find the culprit behind that using the footage from your CCTV camera. However, studies have indicated that with the increase in usage of CCTV cameras, incidents of theft and burglary have been decreased drastically in areas that are prone to crime. That says it all, the CCTV cameras are even easier to find and can be purchased at affordable prices from any online store. But, when you are going to buy a CCTV camera package from any online store, there are a few tips that you can keep in mind so that ultimately you can find the best camera that fits your budget.

Right Resolution of the Home Security Cameras

When you are searching for the appropriate security camera for your home, then you must definitely have a look over the resolution of the camera. The resolution of the camera is dependent upon its megapixels; these are nothing but digital pixel bytes that bring optimum clarity to the video that is being recorded. However, there are other forms of security cameras that are supported by TVL. These cameras are often referred as an analog camera. They follow the same concept of mega pixels as here the more TVL, the better image can be recorded. Often the range of TVL cameras starts from 400 to 700 TV lines, and 700 TV lines is the maximum range that you are going to find in terms of home security camera.

home security systems reviewsOptimum Internet Viewing Resolution

The internet viewing resolution can be measured in terms of (Common Intermediate Format) CIF. This is subject to the video sequence that is powered by your home security camera. The resolutions can be about 352 X 288 that gets converted to NTSC or PAL format, as per your viewing demands. So what are these NTSC or PAL formats? Well, when you will pay clear attention towards your camera then you will realize that your camera clicks images at a certain duration of time or rate that gets denoted as frames per second. Through CIF resolution, one can explore how the DVR records the images. Now, earlier the cost of the hard disk was quite expensive, hence to compensate with that the image quality had to be deteriorated and later converted in NTSC or PAL formats so that they can be seen with optimum clarity. Soon, the problem was solved when cost-effective cameras brought 4CF recoding into action; though 4CF recording people were able to view images four times than the size of the real picture, and the conversion increased the quality even more.

Efficient Frame Rate per Second on Internet

As mentioned earlier, frame rate per second, refers to the number of times the camera captures images in one second. The one thing that one should be clear about is that the frame rate remains the same, no matter which camera you are going to choose, but the only thing that is going to change is quality. If the quality of your camera is good then it’s going to provide incredible recording and each and every image taken in one second will have the clarity that you need, but when talking about low graded camera then the problem might trigger when it comes to frame rate. In low graded home security camera the TV lines or the pixels are not so good, and ultimately the pictures taken in one second might have blurred or untraceable images. Therefore, to get good quality images and recordings so that you replay and reverse back the snaps in a fluid movement; you should have a camera that supports at least 30fps, which will help you in getting amazing footage avoiding any type of jerks. However, some online stores even offer spectacular deals on 120fps CCTV cameras, so it’s best to keep an eye on these deals so that you can grab the best.

All Season Security Cameras

When you are about to purchase a CCTV camera for your home, then you should definitely consider when you are going to install it. If you have planned to install your camera in your backyard or outside your house, then you should ensure that your camera sustains from every environmental condition. Here, the best things that you can go from being waterproof cameras. As, these cameras not only protect your camera from water, rather they even form a protective shield against humidity, snow, dust, and floating derbies.

24 X 7 Recording- Day and Night

When you want to get the right CCTV camera for your house, then you must ensure that it offers night vision too, to protrude day and night recording. As often incidents of theft and crime takes place during the night time, hence it’s crucial for the security cameras to function at night too. Those cameras that offer night vision work with infrared recording; this feature allows the security camera to record images even at dark night. They even provide good definition, of humans and animals so that they can be identified easily. A few features that increase the ability of infrared recording are lens size, angle of inclination, pan, tilt zoom, and area of focus & installation.

Alerts Sent through Phones, Emails and Motion

Some home security cameras have a feature where they tend to capture images if there is any motion in the area where they are installed and this is known as motion detection. This system is quite useful because it does not occupy a huge amount of disk space. Moreover, once detection is made by the camera then, these are sent to your phone and email address immediately so that you can stay alert about what is happening in your home.

This blog help you to learn some useful information about home security cameras. If you still want to know more then let’s go to the details and get more ideas.

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