The Benefits of Cod Liver Oil to your Immunity and Nutrition Health

Cod liver oil’s medicinal properties have been used for centuries for various ailments and even today researchers keep on discovering newer traits of cod liver oil that can be used to treat various sicknesses and diseases. The supplement obtained from fish has high contents of vitamins and nutrients and can help in treating skin, joint and heart health and additionally can resolve cognitive functioning and reduce symptoms associated with depression. In this article, we enlist the various benefits of cod liver oil.
The Benefits of Cod Liver Oil to your Immunity and Nutrition HealthCod liver oil comprises of rich quantities of vitamin A which not helps to maintain the general health of the body and also enhances the immune system. It also protects the body from various kinds of infections that may be caused due to bacteria and viruses. Additionally the presence of vitamin A essentially aids in the growth and development of the body.

Pregnant women are often advised to have cod liver oil supplements as it supports embryonic growth and helps in the brain development of the fetus. Vision also improves drastically after one starts taking the cod liver oil supplements.

Moreover it keeps heart diseases at bay by controlling both the blood flow and blood pressure. Thus dangerous symptoms such as blood clotting and irregular heartbeats can be avoided if one consumes the supplement on a regular basis. Also since it is a good source of vitamin D, it is good both for the joints as well as the teeth. Its anti-inflammatory properties can also ease pain and give much needed to relief to arthritis and osteoporosis sufferers. Cod liver oil has proven to be a life saver to many people who were required joint replacement surgery as it has helped to replace the calcium which the body formerly lost. Also it contains a valuable ingredient known as EPA fatty acid that can help in treating depression.

Cod liver oil can help to cure cough and cold which is especially a problem during the winter seasons. Bronchitis, another condition where your chest gets choked up can be successfully resolved with cod liver oil supplements. The supplement also helps in keeps the diabetes levels under check and aids in digestion by preventing infections in mucosal linings and digestive tract linings.

The only thing which you need to be careful off is to not overdose on cod liver oil supplements because doing so can lead to constipation, nausea and vomiting. Very high levels of Vitamin D due to intake of cod liver oil supplements can also result in health risks. So it is best that you take after the doctor gives it the go ahead.

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