Believe or not – bingo can be good for the soul.

You read a lot about playing online bingo these days. Apparently, there has been a veritable explosion in the numbers of people playing online bingo over the past decade and today, 90% of the world’s entire population has the potential to play online.

Now this may be a startling statistic but if you’re like me, it probably doesn’t mean a lot to you. After all, bingo is a bit of a dolt’s game, it doesn’t involve much thought, there’s no strategy involved and you like to stretch yourself a little right?

This was certainly my view until a friend suggested I try it out on my mobile.

She plays at so that happened to be the site I also tried but there are scores to choose from.

Anyway, you may be wondering “what’s bingo got to do with my spiritual side?” Well the reason my friend recommended that I try online bingo was for its Zen-like qualities. She could see that I was stressed trying to juggle a busy professional life with two kids, working from home and all the rest of it and she also knew that I’ve tried yoga, meditation, exercise, generally taking time out etc., but never seemed to managed to find calm as I find it just too difficult to quiet down my busy mind.

She also realized that I would find playing online bingo kind of “mindless” – which is exactly the point. The goal of meditation is not to think but simply to “be” and one way of achieving that goal is to lose yourself in an all-absorbing but fairly mindless task. And this is exactly what I’ve found. You don’t even need to play for money if you don’t want to – it’s still an absorbing pastime in a zoned-out good kind of way.

Believe or not – bingo can be good for the soul.I’m sure there are other games you can play on your computer or your tablet etc., but hearing the numbers drawn and having the odd win here and there is enough for me. Personally, it wasn’t necessarily about the winning. Many sites have a chat room facility so you can talk to other players during the game.

As I work from home, the most socializing I get is with my kids so it was nice to chat with other like-minded people and actually have some adult conversation! Being at home so much can sometimes feel like a bit of a bubble and it’s easy to feel cut off. Most of the people I chatted with were mums like me. Some of them were stay at home mums, others were just women who wanted a quick break.

It’s probably not the most common way of de-stressing but it worked for me. I find that most busy mums feel guilty for taking time out to play a game or go shopping, or whatever it is that helps them relax, but it really is an important thing to make time for.

I found that feeling happier and more relaxed in myself allowed me to put more energy into running around after the children and even feel positive about my work. When you work from home it’s difficult to ‘switch off’ at the end of the day but playing the odd game every now and again allowed me to do this.

It’s so easy to neglect your own well-being when you’re busy concentrating on other things but it’s important to allow yourself a little ‘me time’ every now and again.




Ursula is a 42 year-old mother of two children, freelance writer, homemaker and part-time online bingo devotee.

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