The Beginners Guide To Online Dating: What You Really Need To Know.

It can be a scary concept ‘dating.’ Meeting new people, putting yourself out there. Whether you’re new to it, or you’ve been on 100 dates but they never work out there are options for everyone. With the internet opening up the options of online dating it’s now possible to meet people from the comfort of your own home. It couldn’t be easier. So why do so many of us still go wrong?

Online Dating- Is It Right For You?

Some of you may think online dating is just for the sad and lonely, but you’d be wrong! Online dating is a great modern tool in the dating world. For those who are too busy, those who can’t afford to get out as much as they’d like and those who have moved to a new city and just simply don’t know anyone, and of course, the shy.

Online dating makes it all so simple, you can’t date while you’re at work, but with dating apps for your phones you can! You can be in contact all day every day with your dating profile, picking up messages from any new suitors wherever you are.

The Beginners Guide To Online Dating: What You Really Need o Know. Just think how exciting it is to log on and see all the messages and interest that has generated over night or even over your lunch break. You can rule out people just by viewing their profiles, you don’t even have to go through the small talk of ‘what do you do?’ and ‘where are you from? It’s right there ready for you to read.

Progression With Your Profile

Many of us will probably set up our dating profile by adding a photo and a name and expect the messages to come rolling in. And they very well may do, but they probably won’t be the right ones. You know what you’re looking for, and if you don’t you at least have a type of some sort. Most dating sites will give you the chance to specify this with a questionnaire. If you prefer brunettes then say, if you have a thing for a man with a mustache then make it known! It will make all the difference to the type of people you get messages from.

Prove It With A Picture

It might seem silly, but so many people get their dating profile pictures wrong. Firstly you will definitely need a photo, nobody will contact you otherwise. No matter your age, sex and size be honest! You won’t get anywhere if you upload a photo of yourself from 40 years before as when it comes to meeting it’s probably not going to lead to a second date. Here are some profile photo rules

  1. No ‘drunk night out photos’- Just think how this looks, ladies ‘I’m a ‘good time’ girl’ men- ‘I’m a ‘lads’ lad.’ People probably aren’t going to take you seriously and the messages you receive probably won’t be the kind you want.
  2. No group photos – This is confusing, which one are you? Even if you explain in your bio ‘I’m the brunette’ this is still sure to confuse people and put them off contacting you.
  3. No family snaps or ‘my first wedding’ photos- If you get close to someone you can explain about your past then. It would be like going to a bar to meet someone and taking your children and ex husband with you.

Dating shouldn’t be a difficult and uncomfortable procedure; it should be fun, exciting and new! If you need extra support you can always seek the advice of a professional or look at hypnosis to change your attitude towards dating and relationships.

Eilidh MacRae is writing on behalf of Performance Partnership and would recommend them for hynosis.

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